The festive season is a notoriously busy period for the retail sector. As birds start calling, maids begin milking and lords commence their leaping, the whole world it seems is (im)patiently waiting on the jolly fat man in an ill-fitting red suit to put in an appearance and deliver the gifts they pretend to like.

However, compared to the North Pole’s most famous resident, Christmas for retailers is equally as busy (if not more so), with businesses attempting to keep their customers onside by delivering their products promptly and in one piece.

But how?

Well, the natural route is to join forces with a delivery company, trusting them with getting the product from your warehouse to the customer’s door – although there are certain things you must be aware of before diving in.

Consequently, we’ve compiled a list of things your business should keep in mind when it comes to delivering items to your customers this Christmas (and beyond). This should avoid disappointing recipients more than an alcohol-fuelled Santa clattering his reindeer off your chimney.

Take a look …

Team Up With a Reputable Delivery Company

There’s little worse than waiting in all day for a delivery, only to nip to the loo and subsequently find a ‘Sorry We Missed You’ note posted through your door. Or, even worse, you arrive home from work to find your parcel chucked on the roof or resting in the dog’s kennel.

As such, it’s vital your firm spares its customers this kind of pain by teaming up with a domestic and international courier that has customers’ best interests at heart. Get it wrong and you’ll find yourself staring down the metaphorical barrel of a gun, as the complaints start to flood in.

Keep Your Customers in the Loop

It sounds obvious, but when you’re sending products to a customer, it’s a reasonable assumption that they would like to receive them on time and undamaged – this is why joining forces with a delivery firm who couldn’t lead a horse to water is a bad idea.

Indeed, your customers want to be kept in the loop every step of the way, which is why you should opt for a provider that offers a tracking system. After all, coming home to discover the delivery driver has thrown the parcel on a passing van is not our idea of cracking customer service.

Admittedly, there’s much more to keeping your customers satisfied this Christmas.

However, by following the tips above, it allows your firm to get the fundamentals in place and work towards making the Christmas of 2016 even more successful – without a bearded fat guy in a red suit anywhere to be seen …

By Kar

Dr. Kar works in the interface of digital transformation and data science. Professionally a professor in one of the top B-Schools of Asia and an alumni of XLRI, he has extensive experience in teaching, training, consultancy and research in reputed institutes. He is a regular contributor of Business Fundas and a frequent author in research platforms. He is widely cited as a researcher. Note: The articles authored in this blog are his personal views and does not reflect that of his affiliations.