I came across a particular nice e-marketplace for social media. Pretty interesting concept, though not new completely, but still innovative enough because of the scale and success it managed. What remains to be seen is how sustainable is Like4Like over a longer period.

It is a simple concept. You join up for the website and start liking or promoting the offers of others. Based on the valuation of the offers, one starts earning credits. Then you could convert those credits into actual likes on your Facebook Fan Page, Your Photos, Your Google Plus shares, and so on. While many such attempts had been made earlier, such websites were not viable, since they involved some bot at some intervention point.

Surprisingly Like4Like has managed to create an innovative model that does not provide any bot. It is a model where you actually get likes from other users, based on preference. This is again based on the concept of crowd sourcing. Given their scale, the scope appears to be pretty addictive and I feel, given the way so many people crave for attention in FaceBook, this will actually enable them to get their much desired attention from known or unknown “friends”.

What is further interesting is the potential usage of Gamification to engage with their users to continue using the service. Users get bonuses and recognition for using the website for a longer time. People who frequently visit the website get surprise bonuses. Further, as one continues to use more and more the different features, one gets bonuses equivalent to the total credits scored by the individual during his or her’s association with Like4like.

Check out their promotional campaign to join up and get few likes for free!! Click the image below to join up and check it out..
Like4Like.org - How it works

Do let me know what you feel about this new offering!

By Kar

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