Are you the owner or manager of a business? Have you thought about the current state of your security system? Are you completely confident that it is up to date? If not, then now is probably the perfect time to upgrade your security system to protect your business. Security should be of utmost importance for any business. Theft, vandalism and security breaches can not only be costly in terms of repairs, but can seriously impact the operations and credibility of your business. The Chartercom Security team have provided the following ways to observe potential vulnerabilities that could threaten the safety of your business.

Your business operations have changed.

A business is always undergoing changes. Employees come and go. With this change comes vulnerabilities in your business’s security system. This includes employee access cards and pin numbers and keys not being returned or tracked. As your workforce grows, your business will require security systems that can accommodate these changes to maintain the security of the business.

There is a lack of remote access monitoring.

Modern day security systems allow business owners to check-in on their business from anywhere. You should have the ability to keep an eye on your workers, inventory and the safety perimeter of your business remotely from a mobile device or computer. If not, it is worth reviewing the security camera setup that is currently on your premises.

Your business still relies on wired sensors.

Wired sensors are good, but can also be limited since skilled criminals will know how to cut the wiring and disable the security sensors. Rather than installing wired sensors on your doors and windows, enquire about modern wireless security sensors.

It has been a while since you upgraded your security hardware or software.

The skills of criminals are ever evolving. Criminals are always vying to be one step ahead of security technology. This is why it is important to have current security systems that are ‘state of the art’ to prevent criminals taking advantage of any security loopholes in your current system.

Your monitors make it difficult to monitor.

If you have cameras providing you with HD quality images, but your monitors are old and showing low-resolution images, it defeats the purpose. It is important that the images that your security personnel are receiving are clear so that people can easily be identified and any potential threats recognised immediately. If this is a current issue within your business, we recommend that you upgrade your security monitoring equipment immediately!

Your security cameras are recording low-resolution images.

As mentioned above, the ability to identify potential threats or suspicious activity is crucial. We are living in an era of high-definition (HD). Your security cameras must be delivering HD quality as it can be the difference between apprehending a would-be criminal or letting them get away. Don’t settle for substandard equipment and pay for the loss that criminals are causing your business.

Your current video surveillance technology is limited by storage space.

Video data consumes a lot of storage. That’s why businesses that have video surveillance must have a storage system that will ensure that their video surveillance data will always be recorded in a compatible format. The last thing you want is for your video surveillance to fail when your business’s security is breached. If your current video surveillance is limited by space, it is time to upgrade to a more efficient video data and storage system.

When it comes to security, you cannot take any chances. You need to minimise the security risks and threats by having the latest state of the art security system to monitor and deter criminal activity from affecting your business.

By Eddy

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