Branding and presentation is everything in business. Well, maybe not everything but it’s definitely a key component of how you come across to new clients. As a small business owner, I am always conscious of the image that my business is presenting to potential clients as it can be make or break when a lead is considering your company over another one. I always cringe a little bit when I see a business that I know offers a great service but they have shocking outward presentation. It might sound shallow, but people are always going to judge you on your branding, your merchandise and your website – even if you offer a great product or service. I know a key component of having a good brand image is to ensure that every element of your company speaks the brand that you convey. It’s not good enough to have an incredible website, only to have clients come to your office and see a grungy boardroom or dingy cubicles – your office needs to be a reflection of your brand and your image. I wanted to take a look at some of the tips and tricks I used recently when I was giving my office an overhaul. I wanted to keep costs as low as possible, while creating a space that spoke volumes about my business.

Revamp with a coat of paint

When you’re looking around at your space, are the walls a bit scuffed with signs of moving desks around? You would be surprised how effective a quick coat of paint is for your office. It doesn’t take much – just a morning and an afternoon on a Saturday and a few willing helping hands and hey-presto, come Monday you’ve got a whole new vibe going in your office. If your company is young and funky, why not consider getting a street artist to come in and decorate a wall in your space? They might even do it for free for the chance to get the exposure in your space. You don’t even have to paint the whole office; a couple of feature walls are definitely going to add a much-needed pop of colour in a space for sure.

Revamp with furniture

There’s nothing worse than a tired old plain desk. It doesn’t motivate you to come in every day, that’s for sure. Why not consider giving your current desks a facelift with the help of some glitter and some clear lacquer? You can get a great look with a sprinkling on the surface, followed by a spray of the lacquer glue, and the best bit is that it’s really cheap and effective. Give the surface a bit of a sanding and it’s smooth and ready to go. A stylish desk for your office is always a great motivator, and will make putting in the long hours that little bit easier.

Revamp with greenery

Is your office a little bit drab or dull? Why not pep things up with the addition of some greenery in the way of plants? A big trend that is sweeping offices everywhere at the moment is the terrarium, and not only are they easy to look after, they’re a cool and easily transported means of perking up a space. You can even make your own, and it might be a fun team building exercise to get all of the raw materials and spend an afternoon making terrariums together.

I hope that these three short tips on how to revamp your office space have proven helpful and that you find the right design style for your business. Remember, appearances are everything, and so long as you have the right branding and style, everything else will happen from there. Substance and style? You’re sure to succeed!

By Eddy

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