When it comes to the argument of vaping vs. smoking, the one that wins is most often the lesser than the two evils. According to recent studies, it has been seen that vaping is slightly better than smoking but that doesn’t mean that vaping is all about benefits without any disadvantages. Unlike smoking, vaping involves inhalation of vaporized e-cigarette liquid which consists of nicotine, water and a base of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine and sometimes it also contains artificial flavours. It is due to the lack of smoke inhalation that many users believe that vaping is a much safer alternative than smoking.

Smoking vs. Vaping – The distinct differences

One of the main differences between smoking a rolled cigarette and vaping is the availability of individual flavours and blends of oils to the smoking cartridge. On the other hand, the vaping cartridges come in the forms of cartridge, atomizers, cartomizers and tanks. The preference among customers differ widely among each products and this is why the dealers offer those products which have the highest demand and which are more popular among the users. In case you’re either shopping for yourself or for some close friend of yours, you should first understand the difference between a cartomizer, a cartridge, an atomizer and a tank. Read on to know about them.

Vaping cartridge: The basic storage vessel for the e-cig liquids is called the cartridge. Such cartridges are available in models which are both refillable and disposable. Each has the same ingredients but customers usually choose the design which they prefer and sometimes they even buy both. Some customers refill the cartridges with their favourite flavours.

Atomizer: The atomizer is the portion of the e-cigarette which does the function of heating the oil for smooth blend of hit and smoke for the consumer. There are varieties of atomizers which you can get in the online stores like Vape Shop San Antonio and hence you don’t just have to settle with any dealer.

Cartomizer: The storage unit and the combination heater are known as the cartomizer. This comes in various bands and mixes of a cartridge and an atomizer together. This allows storing of the e-cigarette oils and the quick heating of the mixture. Cartomizers usually come in customary flavours and nicotine levels for the clients.

Tanks: Tanks are usually the larger storage units for the e-cigarette oils. There are some customers who prefer to change the storage oils less often and some others like to see the transparency of the tanks as it lets them see the level of e-cigarette oils which is remaining in the container. If you are desperately looking for a vape store, you can install a Vape Store Finder app in your smartphone to ease off the process.

Hence, if you’ve been a chain smoker and you’re tired of not being able to quit smoking, you can definitely consider vaping rather than smoking to lessen the bad effects on your health and body. Know more on vaping and its benefits before taking the plunge.

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