Trucks used on the job site aren’t the most glamorous vehicles out there. They aren’t built for speed. They aren’t built to make you look impressive whizzing down the Autobahn. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of important design and engineering ideas which go into making these products great. And despite being an industry leader in this market segment for many years, Ford manages to improve upon their methods with each iteration of the medium duty truck line. The 2016 medium duty truck is no exception. Here are some of the ways it has changed the game for this class of truck.

The new Ford 2016 medium duty truck is more comfortable, more efficient, and more in tune with the needs of its modern customer base. We’ll start with the last point in that list. These trucks are meant to be used by a variety of jobs and businesses. But because no two businesses are alike, these trucks will need to be adaptable to a variety of business types. Unthinkable in years past, construction and engineering innovations have made it possible to offer the 2016 line of medium duty truck in different configurations: two different configurations (straight and tractor) and two different fuel types.

The changes don’t stop there. In addition to these big picture changes, Ford has made alterations to the internal components of these complex machines, and in ways that might surprise you. These trucks now run 45% quieter than last year’s model. They are also more comfortable to operate than just about any other truck that has ever existed. All of these design choices coalesce to make a truck that is reliable, easy to use, and built to a large variety of businesses. Local dealer/service stations will make these Ford trucks easy to buy and maintain for the life of the product. It’s good for your business, and you’ll love owning one of these vehicles.

By Eddy

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