Those that are interested in starting a plastic injection moulding company need to know many things. Everything starts with proper planning. It is highly recommended that you learn all that you can about what is needed to start a plastic injection moulds company and you have to talk with professionals. Out of the various things that you have to take into account, you need to consider your injection moulding experience, what your foals are when you open the company, plant location, the end customers, products that are to be manufactured and the number of partners as main factors.

Expected Annual Expenses

You will want to consider audit fees, employee bonuses, income tax returns, sales tax, pooja expenses, plant insurance and equipment insurance. Based on location, there may be different statuary requirements that you have to respect. These have to be assessed during the initial planning phase.

Your working capital should be around 6 months of the expenses that you will have to deal with. That is an amount you have to keep aside as much as possible and never use it to buy machines or equipment. See this amount as a buffer.

Molding Plant Set Up Facts To Be Aware Of

You will want to start with machines that process PP, LDPE, HDPE and so on. Those that require preheating will require higher manufacture expenses and you will need to have higher budgets. Consider the local taxes as they will vary and do research information about the current labor availability. There are situations in which you would need to hire people from other locations. They would bring in accommodation costs that are extra. If you will work with an automotive supplier, you will have to maintain specific quality standards, with ISO9000 being the most common one.

Issues Of High Importance

When you learn how to get started setting up an injection molding plant, you have to consider machine operation safety. There are various cases in which employees had injuries and actually lost their lives because of machine poor maintenance or related problems. Mould safety is highly important when dealing with a moulding plant.

We regularly see operators using metal rods in order to remove some stuck components seen in the mould. Mould clamping needs to always be properly done by using proper torque. Any bolt has to enter a platen in 30 mm. Absolutely all the safety issues need to be analyzed and respected when operations start. That does include even internal wiring.

The electrical systems also have to be verified. There are various companies that ended up with large losses because of improper setups. We need to realize the fact that any financial problem that would appear during the first year can lead to bankruptcy.


On the whole, one of the most important things when you want to set up a moulding company is to basically get help. Dealing with professionals is always a really good idea because they know everything that has to be done so that success would virtually be guaranteed.

By Eddy

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