There are a number of obstacles you will face when you have a criminal record in Montreal. However, you may not realize how far reaching these effects actually are. Learning about how a criminal record can affect you will help you to understand why it is so important to seek a pardon. Some of the ways a criminal record may impact you are highlighted here.


There are quite a few employers in Montreal who conduct federal or local criminal record searches prior to hiring you. If it is discovered you have a record and you were not honest about it, it can negatively impact your potential for getting the job. Even if you are up front and honest about the record, you may still be overlooked for the job because the record is there.


Prior to being able to sub-contract to another business or an individual, there are quite a few businesses that will require a criminal record search for everyone employed. If you have a record, you may miss out on an opportunity.

Career Advancement

There are a number of organizations and companies that will conduct a criminal record check for employees who have applied to receive a promotion. If you have something on your record, you may be overlooked for the promotion and may even find you are fired.

Canadian Immigration – the CIC

There are a number of applications that are rejected by the CIC for refugee status, citizenship and landed status because of a criminal record. In fact, many people with this type of record are eligible to be deported.

Child Custody

If you have a criminal record you may find that your visitation or child custody may be reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to volunteer, especially with children, you will likely have to undergo a criminal record search. The majority of organizations will not permit anyone to volunteer who has a criminal record.

Renting an Apartment

The standard apartment rental application will require you to submit to a criminal record check. You may find that it is difficult to find someplace to live if you have a criminal record.

When you visit the website you can learn how to begin working toward a pardon. If you want to life a worry-free life, then this will be necessary. Additional information can be gathered if someone in Montreal visits the National Pardon Centre website and begins the application process. Take some time to learn more here and discover how you can get your life back.

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