When it comes to landmarks that change the commercial profile of a city, World Trade Centers across the globe clearly come on top of the list. World Trade Centers are synonymous with business growth and development across the world, with the common link of commercial growth connecting a million businesses in 330 cities and 100 countries of the world. As the largest network of office complexes and intellectual capital in the world, the World Trade Center Association fuels the development of businesses by connecting them to other businesses, government agencies, growth opportunities and the pulse of global commerce. Its international connectivity makes it a preferred destination for Fortune 500 companies as a place to work and conduct trade shows, meets, international conferences and endless seminars.

About WTCA
The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) established in 1969 as a non-profit association with an aim to get together like-minded cities in the world that saw the same advantages of the World Trade Center idea to consider ways to offer mutual assistance to each other. It was born out of an intentional require to create amenities that would serve as a focal point for the handiness of the endorsement of global commerce.

The most important aim of WTCA, headquartered in New York, is to support prosperity through global trade by offering a host of symbiotic services to foster affiliations – group trade missions for access to international businesses; market research services for local commerce knowledge; trade education services; top class office complexes; expo & conferencing amenities; short term workplace space; stay amenities and a lot more. All the World Trade Centers will be interlinked for successful promotion of global trade.

This international network of trade creates a positive impact on regional and international businesses, bringing together both private and government bodies to ease the flow of commerce. In creating a lobby of like-minded entrepreneurs to influence policy and legislation, it is not just a premium realty address, but a fountainhead of corporate growth.

WTC, Chandigarh

The newest step in this direction begins in India – at its cleanest city and fastest growing commercial hub, Chandigarh. The WTC Chandigarh Aerocity – Tri-City’s first world-class trade tower – will be developed as a Grade A+ up to date facility surrounding workplace spaces, meeting amenities, auditorium, retail store & exhibition area.It is going to be the first WTC in the region that is sure to restructure business conduct in the region.

The presence of a robust industrial and business environment in the city, backed by excellent infrastructure justifies the setting up of a WTC to accelerate the development of the region. The Delhi – Chandigarh corridor connects Chandigarh to the national capital and Chandigarh International Airport makes it an ideal location for setting up business. GAIL is considering setting up a dedicated gas pipeline to the city for setting up of 250 MW power plant. Abundant skilled talent that is industry-ready is raring to contribute to growth. In addition, Chandigarh is ranked 7th among top 50 IT and outsourcing destinations globally. Investment -friendly policies, favourable climate for innovation and enterprise, several support initiatives by government means Chandigarh, ranked No. 1 in terms of the Human Development Index in India, is at the cusp of an economic boom.

At home, across the World

The WTC, Chandigarh will make sure that the inheritance of entrepreneurship in Punjab is taken onward by linking enterprises and businesses to global counterparts across industry domains. The WTC Club presents its investors an exclusive opportunity to have much more than just a realty property. Membership to the local WTC Club makes sure you get similar amenities across the world. The WTC Chandigarh project will comprise of a video conferencing with first-class amenities, incessant internet access, small and big meeting auditorium, high tech business space & conversion aptitude.
It is like having your own workplace in the commercial capitals of the world – New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, or any of the 330 WTCs for that matter – the world is your playground. It’s an invitation to unite with a league of world leaders who are helping describe the future of the humanity through business.

Experience international standards of doing business in a healthy business environment.

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