Spreading the words of Gospel to people has been the major work performed by fellowships. There are many missionaries that promoted the Christian faith throughout the world. One such is the World Bible Way Fellowship which traces history to International Fundamental Christian Association. The organization has been run by many respected leaders, and one such is John H Binkley Jr., who plays the role of author, philanthropist and respected leadership authority. The major role played by him is to spread the Gospel to physical, economic and spiritual turmoil.

World Bible Way Fellowship Purpose:

The organization works with specific purpose including:

  • Promoting fellowship, cooperation protection and propagation of the Christian Gospel
  • To send home and foreign missionaries
  • To accept donations of properties for issuing conditional certificates
  • To spread the word of Gospel and Christianity through different missions
  • To provide pastoral care and encourage, share wisdom to people who are in need
  • To empower minister who has been surrounded by negativity, loneliness and isolation.

Backed by philanthropists and ministers, the fellowship runs with objectives:

  • Building each other into Holy Faith
  • Fully dedicate for the faith
  • To grant local units like church, institution, minister and fellowship with the right to carry the individual vision.
  • To offer voluntary support to local fellowships, church and Christian Workers who believe in the word of Bible. To assist each other in carrying the command of the master.

The fellowship also conducts statement of faith which includes:

  • Bible is the word of God and is verbally inspired in the original writings.
  • Holy Trinity is composed of Father, Son and Holy Ghost with power vested in the name of Lord Jesus.
  • The inward evidence is a witness of Spirit
  • Baptism of Holy Ghost for every believer whose heart has been cleansed.
  • The Millennial Reign of our Lord, the great tribulation and return of the lord with his saints in power to reign upon the earth.
  • The entire church is body of Holy Christ and each believer is an integral part of the general assembly.

The fellowship firmly believes in empowerment which is an encouraging word of faith for the success in diving life. Moreover, with the help of philanthropist, the teaching of Gospel is taken across the world. Also they are strongly working on planting churches with the help of infrastructure and finance.

Here’s Life Africa mission:

The main aim of working on this mission is to share the story of Jesus, disciple villagers and equip pastors. The organization recruits, trains and send African ministers in the team of two who would travel across Central and East Africa to preach about Jesus through movies and Gospel reading. Currently having 50 teams, the organization is working in places like Tanzania, Uganda, and Malawi.

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