Getting the right security guard is not always easy. Choosing the right one will ensure your property or business is safe and well taken care of; choosing the wrong one can either be a waste of time, or worse, could invite bad luck and a great deal of headache. Those wanting to employ the services of a security agency should be strict with their requirements and insist only on the best. But how do you ensure that your security guard is truly qualified? What should you look for? There’s a simple solution. Here are the top benefits of getting a security guard with an SIA licence – what you can expect.

 The traditional role of security guards

A security guard, especially Oxford security from, often fulfills many roles, depending on where they are stationed and what the employer asks of them. Often, the mere presence of a security officer is enough to deter crime, but security guards do much more than simply ‘be present.’

Security officers are trained in acute observation and are constantly on the look-out for suspicious behavior. They may be assigned on tours to inspect premises. They constantly write reports and keep management abreast of any changes or things that require attention. Furthermore, they often help with the flow of traffic or receive guests and guide them in the right direction. Their jobs are very flexible, but they are there to ensure the safety and security of property or personnel.

What’s an SIA licence?

An SIA licence is an accreditation a security officer receives after a specific amount of training for a specific security position. The SIA (Security Industry Authority) has as aim to increase the standard of private security firms and provides training and tests to insure guards operate and work at a specific level of skill and professionalism.

SIA door supervision

SIA accredited door supervisors are traditionally trained to work in pubs and clubs, but are often employed in private businesses or festivals as well.

SIA CCTV operations

The SIA CCTV operators are well trained in noticing, observing, and tracking suspicious behavior in public and private places.

When the security guard or security Oxford specialist from is SIA licensed, you are sure they will have passed the standard test that comes after a structured training programme and specialised skill requirements; you are sure the security guard you have employed understands their job completely and does it with pride and competence. It’s not enough to hire just anyone to act as security personnel – it’s necessary to employ one who understands the requirements and responsibilities that come with the job. It’s a matter of safety and efficiency. It’s a matter of competence and peace of mind.

By Eddy

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