When starting a new business or expanding your start-up company out of your home, it is important you find the best commercial property. There will be a lot of different factors that determine the most ideal property for your business, depending on its size, aims and needs.

The first place many business people will look to find a new commercial property for rent will be online, with places like London & Cambridge Properties offering many options. It is important you think about what you want from the property before browsing and making a decision, with location one of the most important elements.


A business address can say a lot about your company. When attempting to attract new customers or clients, they can be put off if they find you are based above a takeaway shop or in an undesirable areas.

However, if your company has a professional business address, in the heart of The City or on a business park for example, then it can provide a great first impression. Likewise, if you run a retail business, renting a property in a popular shopping centre or on a busy high street will impress potential investors and deliver a message that you are serious about being successful.


Not only do you want a property that is easily accessible for clients and customers, but its location must be easy to get to for employees. This means choosing one that has good transport links, near bus stops and/or a train station for those employees who don’t drive.

For businesses that open early and will have a lot of people driving there, to arrive before most public transport has begun operating, being close to a main road is helpful. As is having enough parking spaces so staff and customers can easily reach your business.

Nearby Facilities

A lot of commercial properties, such as industrial warehouses and offices, can be situated on business parks away from town or city centres. Look at what is nearby, as employees will likely want at least a few lunch options that they can get to in their break.

Consider whether it would be more beneficial to base your company in a more central location, close to other shops and restaurants or in a business park further away. There are advantages to both, with the type of business you are running and number of employees helping to decide which the best decision is.

By Eddy

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