Your business spends a lot of money to provide the tools your employees need to succeed at their jobs, and certain users must have privileged access, such as IT administrators. This includes computer assets and training to use it. It is natural you want to protect those resources, and sometimes those resources are misused. It can be an innocent “extra” break, or a malicious plan to defraud your money. Managers cannot spend all of your time watching out for this sort of activity. So that’s where software resources to watch out for this come into play. Sites such as will automate the process, allowing you to focus on maximizing your profits. Here are five important reasons business owners should use software to monitor their privileged userbase’s computer activity to guard against improper or illegal usage.

  • It will cut down on fraud
    • By using its advanced cloud-based search systems, it can track key-logging at an employee’s computer. This will show when one is engaging in unauthorized or illegal activities and automatically put a stop to it.
    • The software will lock out and alert you instantly when these events occur, saving your business thousands of dollars from internal crime.
  • Minimize wasteful activities
    • Other activities can cost your business a lot of money without even being a crime. Studies have shown that employees may waste up to several hours a week on non-work related activities such as computer games or visiting sports sites. Employee-monitoring can provide related statistics and data, allowing you to cut down on these activities.
    • The data can also show insight into how you can shift employees into better roles based on their skills. This and other productivity graphs can aid in saving a business time and money.
  • Convenient to use
    • Teramind Computer Monitoring Software uses Cloud-based services, so it can run automatically, allowing you to focus on your projects. It is simple to setup and run, and is not intrusive.
    • It can also be setup to run on your own networked system. Both options are good for a business, and both are minimally intrusive.
  • Necessary to protect your resources
    • Businesses have the obligation to protect their own data from fraud, particularly if they are working with confidential data. Monitoring your users is therefore essential, and software is a great tool at this.
    • Most companies already do this as a matter of course. Privileged userbases especially require stricter scrutiny as they have access to more systems as well as a greater sense of trust given their experience.
  • It does the work for you.
    • Employee monitoring software offers you an extremely high rate of return based on startup costs and time.
    • Also included in the package are programs for time, money, and resource management.
    • You can visit the websites for all your resource and support needs for monitoring software.
    • Ongoing support and information is included with your purchase.

By Eddy

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