For those working in the UK’s wedding dress industry it has become apparent that there’s been a rise in ‘identikit weddings’ as brides look to enjoy their big day.

For brides who are looking for great wedding dresses, London is still a top choice destination for variety and the latest fashions and some brides are opting to follow wedding trends which are featured heavily in magazines.

Part of this has been fuelled by the rise in social media and the ability to create an online scrapbook for brides to paste their wedding dress ideas and invite comments and opinions from followers.

In addition, there’s also a trend for brides to borrow ideas from other social media sites that other couples have successfully used which may consist of a basket of wedding flip-flops to help female guests wearing uncomfortable shoes and a gypsy swing band, for instance.

Others are also creating trends to feature pictures of ancestors who have been married, the couple’s initials in wood which light up, photo booths and lots of bunting are used.

This trend for identikit weddings is also extending to the venues and one particular trend on Pinterest, for instance, is for barn weddings which feature hay bales, lots of alcohol and portable toilets.

Apparently, according to wedding experts, there still a strong demand for people to have exotic beach weddings in a far-flung location.

While the venue can vary the choice of outfit needs to suit the venue itself, whether it’s in a church or a foreign beach, which means looking for wedding dresses, London becomes an interesting place to visit and realise this project for the bride-to-be.

That’s because the wedding dress isn’t really part of the identikit wedding that is taking off and instead reflects the bride’s personality and their sense of fashion and with so much interest in the bride’s gown they need to choose something that will impress and be comfortable at the same time.

This also means that when looking for wedding dresses, London really is a great place to begin the search with the experience and expertise of staff in impressive boutiques that offer everything a bride and her party are looking for. This may mean looking for vintage wedding dresses to unusual and modern fashion items that really do stand out.

So while growing numbers of brides are posting their ideas on social media there’s little they can do to invite comments and suggestions for their wedding dress ideas since this is such a personal choice.

And, this is an important issue, brides really need to focus on their own wants and needs rather than taking on board lots of other suggestions and comments about whether a particular wedding dress suits them.

For this reason alone, looking for wedding dresses, London will provide a great platform for a bride to choose an outfit that will not only impress but be something that reflects their personality and style on what is their big day.

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