Link building is a powerful way of helping to improve your website authority and your website ranking on popular search engines. While proper link building isn’t as easy as some make it out to be, you can still achieve successful link building through some safe white hat techniques. For those who are looking to link build the right way, here’s the top 21 tips for link building that search engine marketers can use to help improve website authority and rankings. Let’s take a look now.

Top Link Building Techniques To Use This Year

  1. Make Sure Your Reaching Out To Good Quality Websites

When you’re conducting outreach to websites you need to make sure they’re of good quality. Good quality websites are seen as those with a high DA rating and a low spam score rating. So how do you find out what the DA or Spam Score is of a website? This can be done through tools such as Moz DA checker. Tools such as this analyses the website that you’re visiting to give you an idea on whether it’s of high domain authority and is low in the spam score. Spam score refers to the amount of low quality content and links that are on the website. Here’s an example of both a good and bad website as referred to from the above.

Good Metrics

  • DA 20+ (The higher the better)
  • Spam Score 2 or below (the lower the better)
  • Trust Flow 15+ (Higher the better)
  • Citation Flow 15+ (higher the better)

Bad Metrics

  • DA 15 or under
  • Spam Score 3 or higher
  • Trust Flow 15 or lower
  • Citation flow 15 or lower

By working on applying to good quality websites it will help to improve the impact of the links back to your website.

  1. Guest Posting On Other Niche Websites

One of the first ways to successfully gain links back to your website is by guest posting on other people’s websites. However, before you jump straight into guest posting here’s some tips to help improve your changes of successful guest post link building.

  • Always make sure the website is in the same niche as your company is. There’s no point guest posting on a health site if you sell technology based items.
  • Always check the guidelines to make sure you know what subjects they’re after and what requirements you need to meet in order to have your guest post published.
  • Ask the website whether a backlink is acceptable. Some websites don’t allow backlinking. If you are allowed a back link, make sure it’s a do-follow link.
  • When writing the content don’t promote yourself in it. Let the author bio tell about you and your company.
  • Write content that’s informative, well written, free from mistakes and that offers takeaway points that the readers can use in their own lives.

Guest posting is very effective when it comes to link building, however don’t expect for the website to automatically accept your content just because you write it. Some websites have very high standards and some content just may not be suitable.

  1. Speed Up Your Prospect Finding

If you’re trying to find industry specific websites to guest post on, you may start out looking for say health blogs. However, to help speed up your prospect finding, one tip is to look up lists of health blogs or health websites. Generally, by looking up lists related to your niche, you can find a lot of different websites which may be suitable for your link building needs. Remember to search through each one carefully to make sure they’re the right fit for your individual link building requirements.

  1. List Your Website On Popular Directories

Another great way to earn good links back to your website is by listing your website on popular directories. Business directories are especially helpful and shouldn’t be overlooked. These can give you strong links overall which can help to improve your website DA and ranking. For websites, niche directories are important to gaining more impacting links. You can search for niche related directories by using Google to see what’s available.

  1. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is a powerful platform that allows you to really gain better exposure for your business or website, and can help to give you strong backlinks as well. Using sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, you can easily place a link on your profile back to your website. These links are good because they’re from very high authority websites which offer long term strong links.

  1. Avoid Linking In The Content

Unless the website allows you to, avoid placing a link back to your website in the content of the article. Instead you’ll have much better chances of scoring a backlink if you place one link back to your website in the author bio only. The author bio isn’t as relevant as the main content piece, but having a link in the author bio allows you to still successfully link build without the drama involved.

  1. Give Reviews On Popular Review Sites

If you’ve bought a product you can also use review websites to your advantage. Giving a review of a product you’ve actually purchased on popular review sites and placing your link in the review can help in your link building efforts. This is a great way to build links and give your feedback at the same time.

  1. Be Upfront With The Website

When outreaching to a possible website you want to post on, before writing the content they want, be upfront an ask whether it’s ok to have a link back to your website. Not only does this save time in the writing process, but it also allows you to find out whether there’s a payment involved in sponsored posts or whether the website is allowing backlinks. This will save a lot of time than having to be rejected after the article is already written.

  1. Research Your Competition

Don’t be afraid to look at what your competition is doing and the sites they’re managing to get their content and links on. If you know the author that they use for this outreach and link building, simply type this name into Google and place author or author bio next to it. Google should be able to search for all posts that your competition has that are live on different websites. In researching your competition you can then work on reaching out to these sites as well to see whether you can gain publishing rights on their site as well.

  1. Recover Any Dead Backlinks

Across your website journey, you may find there’s some links that are broken with a 404 error. This generally occurs when there’s a re-launch of your website or it’s since migrated to another domain. These error or broken backlinks need to be recovered and can be one by using link juice recovery tools that can be found online. These types of tools help you to find backlinks to your website which may no longer be showing. When you’ve found these errors, work on recovering these links by exchanging them for a new link to your website. All you need to do is ask the website owner to kindly switch links and tell them that the previous one has errored which could be affecting their website.

  1. Turn Mentions Into Valuable Backlinks

To gain new backlinks, one simple method is to turn mentions into backlinks. Mentions are when someone has mentioned your website or products but they haven’t linked to your website. Generally to turn these mentions into backlinks you simple have to contact the webmaster an ask whether they can convert the mention to a backlink.

But the real question is; how do you find these mentions? Using tools from sites such as LinkResearchTools is a great start. Simply start a backlink Profiler and filter the results until you have > Mention. Turning mentions into backlinks is great for improving your link building efforts.

  1. Build Infographics With Embedded Links

Humans are visual creatures and sometimes content just isn’t enough. Building infographics with embedded links can help to improve your link building efforts. Before building your infographic however make sure the website you’re offering it to allows for embedded backlinks. Most websites you’re offering your infographic too may not mind due to the complexity and popularity of infographics but it’s best to be sure before you do go down this path.

  1. Make Quality Partnerships

Depending on the business that you’re in, it’s a good idea to try and make quality partnerships that can help aid in your overall link building efforts. If you have repeat clients that have websites, why not reach out to them to see if you can place an article or link back to their website. This can be considered with those business partnerships and clients that you hold close to your own company. In return you could place a link on your website back to their site.

  1. Google Places

Google Places is a powerful platform that can help to give you a strong backlink. Google Places allows for you to list your business with all your contact details and of course a link back to your website. Having your business listing on Google Places helps to bring attention to your website and brand for the better. Don’t forget this backlink in your link building strategy.

  1. Use A Professional White Hat Link Building Company

Link building companies are far and few in between. It’s important when selecting a link building company that they only use white hat techniques that get you the results. Sites such as and those similar tend to work on blogger outreach to gain successful and strong backlinks. Blogger outreach, as long as the sites have a low spam score and a high DA authority, is an extremely successful way to really improve your backlinking success. Before hiring any backlink or outreach company make sure you ask them questions on how they operate and what’s involved in the overall process so you’re informed when making a final decision.

  1. Gain Resource Backlinks

Resources are one of the most common place that internet users look when they want to fact check or learn more info on something. In order to gain a resource backlink, you need to create your own resource page on your website that you can link to through a resource website. When you have a reliable and informative resource article on your website, you then need to work on reaching out to resource websites to see whether they’d be happy to share it on their own websites. If they like your work you can then continue to write more resource content and aim to have it linked to other resource websites. While it may be a slow process, it does work overall.

  1. Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is an interesting technique that can help to build backlinks for your website. The idea of the skyscraper technique is to take an already great linkable article, rewriting it and enhancing it more with more up-to-date content and information. Once you’ve really improved on an old popular article, you can then reach out to the website that has the old version of the content to see whether they’d be interested in a fresh new and update piece. While it may be time consuming, it’s a great way to building not only strong good quality backlinks, but it also helps to build your overall reputation as a knowledgeable expert

  1. Create Powerful Lists

While people like to read general and informative information on a topic, one sure way to help improve your chances of having your content on possible prospect websites is by creating list format content. Lists format is basically what this article is, a list of the different tips and tricks that covers a subject. List format is very popular amongst many people because of its easy to read nature. By continuing to create lists you’ll have a greater chance of improving publishing success with quality backlinks.


When it comes link building there’s so much involved in the whole process. By taking some of these tips on board you and utilising some of these link building methods you have the potential to really improve your link building efforts for the better. So are you ready to link build like a pro?


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