Differentiating your brand in a competitive marketplace can often feel like no easy feat. Yet, there are various ways to separate your company from your industry rivals to attract as many customers as possible. Check out the top 5 creative ways to promote your brand.

Viral Videos

Millions of people across the world engage with online videos every day on the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can therefore boost your brand awareness by incorporating your company logo onto a viral video, which could capture your target audience’s attention.

You can also create your own tutorial video that incorporates your brand, and you don’t even need to be a videographer to do so. You can simply use stock photo footage on a b-roll using transitional elements, which can professionally promote your company to a whole new audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly become an effective promotional tool for brands across the world, as it allows companies to reach a wider audience. Any business hoping to broaden its reach must therefore reach out to popular social influencers, such as celebrities or bloggers, who can drive a considerable amount of traffic to a website, which can provide a healthy ROI. Learn more about how brand influencer programs can boost your brand awareness and conversion rates.

Cross Promotion

Cross promotion allows two or more companies to benefit from each other’s growing following, so each can grow their business into the future. It is therefore essential to unite with like-minded businesses that complement your brand and company mission. For instance, a shoe designer could collaborate with an independent fashion boutique to promote and sell each other’s products in their stores and online. However, it is essential that the sales and marketing tactics are mutually beneficial.

Host a Contest

Many people love to receive something for nothing, which is why you should consider hosting a free contest on your social media channels or via your email marketing campaign. Give away tickets to an upcoming event, or a free product or service for one lucky winner. Don’t forget to ask your followers to like, share and comment on the competition to be in with a chance of winning the fantastic surprise. The bigger the competition, the better your engagement rate will be.

Launch a Limited Edition Product

Limited edition products can create a sense of urgency surrounding your brand, whilst confirming to your customers that you sell the most sought-after products in your industry. Launching a limited edition item will therefore encourage people to quickly make a purchase, before it sells out to other customers. What’s more, it can add intrigue and exclusivity to a product that may not only increase sales, but may generate a buzz in your industry, so people will want to snap up a product before it is too late. If you don’t have a limited edition product to sell, you could always release limited packaging that will generate additional sales and engagement.

By Eddy

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