It’s a few months into the new year and your business may still be suffering that holiday and winter lull, but now is the perfect time to start making some changes. You want to boost your business now so that when things pick up they pick up big.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve made any changes to your business, this is a good time to make some. You might not know what kind of changes to make. Just think about all of the things that make a successful business and go from there.


Create Your Image

Depending on how long your business has been around, you probably already have a brand and a name. But how is your image? Do people know your business just by seeing your logo?

If you answered “no,” then you definitely need to make some business changes. Your image is about more than just your logo, though. What are you doing with your online presence? What are your customers saying about you?

Use your website as a way to express your business, get feedback from your customers that you can share on a page of testimonials, and make sure you have a business blog. Business blogs are an excellent way to show your expertise in your field.


Focus On Marketing

You need to be marketing your business, online and offline. 2017 should be your year for marketing to the max. Start with your online presence, making sure that you are on all of the proper social media channels and that you are doing paid advertising where it needs to be done.

Start by learning how often you should be posting on social media. Each social media site has different “rules” when it comes to this. You want to make sure you’re posting enough to keep them interested but not so much that they quit following you because they feel like they’re getting spammed.

Advertising and marketing offline are still important too. While the internet reaches a global audience, you don’t want to neglect your local audience. Invest in some business cards and brochures, and think about advertising in the local paper.


Try New Things

If you feel like your marketing and advertising attempts aren’t getting you as far as you want them to, you should try something new. Maybe you need to try a new social media site that you hadn’t that would have enough reach for your business.

Have you taken your business to an expo? Get a booth, get some free merchandise to hand out to people (like pens and stickers), and talk up your game. This can be a great way to mingle with potential customers and other business professionals.

Don’t be afraid to explore new things with your business. Launch a new product or a new service. Don’t hold back this year and make your business the success you’ve dreamed it would be.

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