4 Reasons Why Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Is Beneficial For Your Scooter

Whether you have saved money for days to get your hands on that scooter or it is a gift, your scooter is a priceless asset. The bond one shares with one’s two-wheeler is intrinsic and difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t like zooming around on two wheels. However, with the thrill and fun attached to riding a scooter comes risk.

Risk not just for your scooter but for yourself and others on the road as well. So, what can be done to avoid accidents? This is a question that doesn’t have a direct answer. However, if the question is how to avoid financial losses arising out of a scooter accident, then the answer is two-wheeler insurance.

Read ahead to know four reasons why a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance Policy is beneficial for your scooter.

Reason Number 1 – Compliance

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made it mandatory for all scooter owners to insure their two-wheeler. This is made compulsory to safeguard the financial interests of those third parties that might be affected by an accident involving your scooter. Thus, it is mandatory to at least opt for a Third-party Liability insurance policy in order to comply with the law. Failing to do so can land you in trouble, as riding a two-wheeler without a valid Third-party Liability insurance policy is a punishable offence as per Indian law. A Comprehensive two-wheeler Insurance includes the mandatory Third-party Liability insurance component along with several other features.

Imagine you are riding your scooter and a speeding car overtakes you from the left and skids in front of you. In a reflex move, you swerve your bike to the right and crash it in the vehicle parked nearby. You end up damaging a third-person’s property without any fault. In such cases, scooter insurance takes care of the damages on your behalf. You get this benefit with a Third-party Liability policy also. But by paying slightly more, you get the advantages of a Comprehensive Two-wheeler Policy as well, which ticks the compliance aspect and enhances your insurance cover.

Reason Number 2 – Covers Your Scooter

Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance has two key components, Third-party Liability and Own Damage. Its Own Damage cover protects you financially in case of an accident. In case your scooter is damaged in an accident, the insurance company reimburses the repair cost (as per their terms and conditions) as a part of the Own Damage cover.

Reason Number 3 – More Coverage

A Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance policy insures your scooter against financial losses arising out of unfortunate events such as natural and man-made calamities. It also provides you a theft cover.

Reason Number 4 – Add-ons

You can also choose from a number of beneficial Add-ons to fortify your Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance. If you regularly ride with a co-passenger, the Pillion Rider Cover is a good option. Those who reside in flood-prone areas can go for Engine Protection Cover. Other popular Add-ons include Roadside Assistance and Zero Depreciation.

Add-ons increase the two-wheeler insurance price amount slightly but provide an extra layer of financial security. It is not necessary to go for all Add-ons. You need to pick and choose the Add-ons that meet your requirements.

Scooter Insurance Online

You can now insure your scooter within minutes by simply logging on to a digital insurer’s website. Select required Add-ons, check the two-wheeler insurance price for budgeting, change few components if required and make sure to thoroughly go through what is covered and what is not covered before making the online payment. Your Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance policy will be delivered to your inbox on making the payment.


Author: Eddy

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