Fog can appear on your car’s windshield when the outside temperature is higher or lower than that of the temperature inside your car. If your car has a foggy windshield, use the following tips to get rid of it.

Tip #1 Wipe it off

If the fog is forming up on the exterior of your car, simply wipe it off. Instead of going through the several steps involved in defogging your car, you can use the wipers at a low setting to wipe off the fog.

Tip #2 Match the heat

This is another simple way in which you can get rid of the fog very easily. If it’s not a rainy day, just roll the windows down and try matching the difference in temperature. This will help you get rid of the fog without much hassle.

Tip #3 Defogger

Using the defogger is the most obvious solution to bid goodbye to the foggy windshield and windows. Depending upon the setting of your car model, you can completely defog your car. If you are not aware of how to defog your car, simply refer to the car owner’s manual.

Tip #4 Shaving Cream

A smart trick to defog the windshield and windows of your car is to buff it up with a dollop of shaving cream. You need to of course do this before you set out on a drive. Shaving cream is an effective way to avoid fog altogether.

Tip #5 Dishwasher

After you are done with your dishes, you can move on to defogging the windshield of your car. Use the dishwasher liquid the same way you would use the shaving cream. Take a small amount on the palm of your hand and gently rub on a clean windshield of your car. Begin from the part in front of the driver’s seat and gradually proceed to the passenger’s seat. After you are done, simply wipe the excess dishwashing liquid. This will result in a clean as well as a fog-proof windshield.

Tip #6 Baby Shampoo

Another option similar to using the dishwasher soap is using the baby shampoo. Simply buff the glass with the help of a tissue and shampoo and wipe off the excess. This will work the same way as a dishwashing liquid.

The above-mentioned ways are budget-friendly options that you can use to defog your car. Additionally, you can also choose any of the numerous products available in the market that will help you keep the fog away.

What Do I Need To Know About Car Insurance?

Car insurance is meant to financially protect you from a loss involving your car. Buying insurance for car  is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You will not be allowed to drive your car in India without a valid car insurance policy.

Understanding car insurance is quite simple. The policy can be of any of the following two types:

  • Third-party Car Insurance
  • ●     Comprehensive Car Insurance

These types depend upon the coverage they offer. A third-party insurance for car will cover you from any losses you may cause to the third party or their property. It does not cover you for the cost of repairing damage caused to your own car.

To cover your car, you can opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy. This is an extensive policy which includes coverage for both – third-party liabilities as well as own damage. You can also customize your comprehensive car insurance policy with the help of Add-ons, i.e. additional coverage options. Some of the most popular Add-ons are Zero Depreciation Add-on, Roadside assistance Add-on, an Engine Protection Cover and Accessories cover.

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