There will be an ever ending argument regarding the fat intake, whether to indulge ourselves with it or not? Which form to take and which not to? How much to consume and what’s not enough? Earlier there were crazy diet programs which restricted us from having any kind of fats, but thanks to recent research and diet programs like Atkins and low-carb Keto diet which is running in opposite direction optimizing the fat intake.

So lets clear out some misconception we hold about fats!

Myth 1: All fats are the same.

Most of the people carry a picture in their mind that all fats are having the same effect.

Yes! Fats add extra calorie to your diet and including them may contribute to your waistline. The big difference is on the cholesterol levels, so be careful the type of fats you are consuming. Industrial trans fats and saturated fats are responsible to increase the bad cholesterol level (LDL) in your body leading to chronic heart diseases, blocking your blood vessels.

Saturated fats are found in ice cream, whole milk dairy products, red meat. But there are controversies in the medical field as no evidence have been discovered yet that saturated fats contribute directly to heart disease. Swap saturated fats with unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats) can help in decreasing your cholesterol levels. What are these?

The unsaturated fats have a double bond in their chemical structure. As the name suggests ‘mono’, meaning one, having a single double bond. A diet containing moderate to high amount of monounsaturated fats (MUFA) helps you to lose weight, studies show that maintaining the same calorie intake, diets with high MUFAs tend to lose weight in the same pace as diets with low fats, sounds interesting?

So, the foods containing MUFAs – olive oil, almonds, avocados, pumpkin seeds, olives, pistachios etc. There are plenty such foods which one can include in their diet, still wondering where to find them, try out Big Basket Coupon and get them delivered at your doorsteps.

Myth 2: Meat is bad for your health

We often find that whenever we are asked to cut down calories, we exclude meat from our diet. Does that really make any sense? NO.

Meats are categorized of two types. One the red meat which is high in saturated fats and increases the cholesterol level and the lean meat which are relatively less in saturated fats and as you need to include protein in your diet, nothing is as a healthier option as organic chicken and eggs. Nowadays why worry to avail fresh organic foods when online shopping markets are in hand.

Myth 3: Unhealthy fat containing salad dressing

To get the nutrients fully absorbed by your body, your body asks for dietary fats. No fats, no good. So if you think topping your greens with vinegar or lime juice would do the trick, you got it wrong. You will definitely save some calories but doing no good to your body.

Myth 4: Avoid eggs, at least the yolk

You often hear people saying avoid eggs if you are having high cholesterol, at least the yolks as they are high in fats and contains cholesterol. So its natural to think that eating cholesterol will increase your cholesterol levels. Right? Recent studies show that cholesterol levels are affected more by fats, saturated and trans fats rather than cholesterol. And also most of the cholesterol is made by the liver rather than coming from the diet.

The egg yolk contains vitamin A and Vitamin D as well as protein, keeping you fuller for a much longer time. So include eggs in our diet to maintain your protein count. Eating an egg have never been linked to an increased risk factor for heart diseases.

Myth 5: Unhealthy FULL-FAT dairy products.

Whenever we head towards a grocery shop we search for low- fat milk products. The fact is, the fat present in the dairy products gets absorbed in a different manner than the fats found in other foods. Recent studies show that people consuming full-fat dairy products are less prone to overweight, high pressure or developing diabetes who don’t eat dairy or stick to low-fat foods. Still confused where to find one? Check out at best Grofers Coupons. Choose the right to stay healthy.

By Eddy

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