Marketing and business promotions are not an option for the companies but is an essential business process which cannot be skipped out. Rather than directly planning on increasing the sales of the products and services, the initial attempt is to gain the attention of the audience to conduct the necessary brand awareness. The focus is to bring out the positivity of the brand so that the attention of audiences could be fetched and they could be transformed into the potential customers of the company.

Though the T.V advertisements, newspaper and magazine ads have been the most common ways in which the businesses plan to take on their brand name to the customers, but when it is thought about this current era, is there any person having the time to sit tight in front of television or is free to properly read a magazine! Definitely no one! The busy schedules of the people are restricting time to extract out the leisure time due to which the advertisements brought out by the brand is least seen by the people. Even if people see those ads, they won’t be able to retain it in their minds for longer duration. Thus to find a new door through which brands can actually knock the minds of the people, the idea of promotional products have brought into execution.

Promotional Products And Their Effectiveness:

With the idea of giving away the promotional products, the brands work on using the useful and functional products to imprint their brand name and logo on it so that every time people would be using those products, the brand logo will definitely come into sight and get the emphasis which the company had been needing to get a prominent reputation among the people. It is usually emphasized that the promotional products should be more of functional products so that those can be frequently used and with each time of its usage, the brand name imprinted on it will get the desired attention. To be more precise about the goodness of the promotional, here are the points which illustrate the effectiveness of giving away such products.

  1. Assured Brand Awareness: A business would never know if the T.V adverts are actually seen by the people or not but when such a product is offered to the people as a giveaway which is highly functional, people will definitely use it in their day to day lives and with its every usage, the brand name will get the desired attention.
  2. Appreciated by the People: People are usually fond of freebies and when they actually get one, it is something really special to them. Offering the people a promotional products, that acts as a freebie, will really make them happy of getting a product which could add in to their accessories or collection.
  3. Cost-Effective Form of Marketing; T.V adverts and huge billboards can really end up costing too much to the company, extracting a lot from the company budget. But when it comes to take a cost-effective measure for brand promotions which is equally influential, the idea of giving away promotional products is always a great approach.
  4. Easy Way to Reach the Customers: It can be really hard to take the exact message to the customers which you want to deliver but with the promotional products, this aim can be easily achieved. These products can be considered the bridge which connects the brand with its potential customers.
  5. Effective Results: The promotional products are actually a great way to take the brand name into the minds of the people. By using such products frequently and looking at it, the brand name usually gets fed in the mind and people will surely recall it when they would need the related services.

Top 10 Promotional Products Getting Common in The Corporate Sector:

When it comes to conducting the brand promotion through promotional products, each company should make their pick of the promotional products, being very precise regarding the audience which has to be addressed. Moreover, the functionality of the products are also an important factor while choosing the products so that only those products should be given which people would willingly use frequently and the brand logo would keep getting the attention which has been intended. Evaluating the ongoing trend of the custom corporate promotional products for holidays for brand awareness and marketing, here are some of the products which are commonly accepted these days as the most effective promotional products.

  1. Power Banks: Among the most effective and useful tech gadgets, power banks are the products which had gained a lot of recognition. Whether anyone is going out for vacations or for business outings, having a power bank along will be a savior to any person which will always avoid the uncertainty of feeling helpless with a dead phone. All those people who would be getting your promotional power bank will really be thankful to your brand for providing them such a useful gadget which will always keep them connected to their dear ones, despite of being miles away.

2. Bluetooth Speakers: You can now please the music lovers among the audiences by giving away the customized Bluetooth speakers which are highly popular these days because of the functionality and the portability features it offers. Having a great speaker with a good sound quality which can be carried anywhere, is every person’s wish these days. You can now step up with your brand to fulfill the wishes of the people by providing them this fascinating gadget with which people can enjoy their leisure time, with good music.

3. CamelBak Water Bottles: Is there anything better that showing the customers your caring gesture for the! You can now plan onto demonstrating your care towards the customers regarding their health by giving them CamelBak water bottles which would keep them hydrated. Water bottles are something which people prefers to always carry along. The importance of water for a healthy life cannot be denied and thus you can take your step in contributing in the lives of your customers to attain a good health.

4. Customized Hats: Along the most common accessories which people love to have, caps and hats are always counted on the top in the list. To get a shade from the sun or just to add a style statement to your get up, people really like having the caps along with them. You can now use this idea of providing the customers with the customized hats with your brand logo embroidered on it with which your brand name could get a place in the wardrobe of your customers. Every time, the people will step out wearing those hats with your brand logo, even the people passing by would get a notice on the brand logo. Thus, this product will be doing the marketing for your brand on a large scale.

5. Sunglasses: The people who like to walk with trending fashion and style statement are usually fond of some cool pair of sunglasses which not only proves to be an effective accessory in summer but does a great work in enhancing the way a person looks. Nice sunglasses paired with a cool outfit can enhance the look multiple folds. These sunglasses can now be your asset that would get the desired attention of the people to your brand. Custom imprinted sunglasses of best quality will surely prove one of those promotional products which people will love to acquire. You can acquire the best of appraises on giving away these useful accessories to your customers, which people usually search for in stores.

6. Qi Wireless Chargers: Among the most popular gadgets of this tech era, Qi wireless chargers are getting a lot of appreciation these days. People who are fed up of the tangles of the chord of mobile phone chargers are now provided with the easy and much more convenient way of getting their phones charged which these wireless chargers. With the ease of using it and the convenience of portability, these chargers are really becoming the people’s apple of the eye. When you are looking onto targeting the clients associated with the tech domain, these Qi wireless chargers can be the best thing you can plan on giving away to gain the required attention towards the brand. Just use the charging base to imprint the brand logo on it and let the people recognize your brand, every time they use the charger.

7. Coffee Mugs: Among the famous corporate gifts, customized coffee mugs are very much common and popular these days and are even highly influential in terms of its promotional effect. Getting a cool coffee mug imprinted with some nice quite can impress any person in an instant. Especially when its winters, the time to enjoy the favorite T.V shows with a mug of hot chocolate in your hands, giving away these customized coffee mugs can add on to the happiness. Every time the coffee mug will be used, the brand logo imprinted on it will surely be noticed, giving the brand the attention which it deserves.

8. Custom Pens: When it comes to evaluate the usefulness and functionality of products, what could be a better product than a pen! Whether it is about targeting the customers from educational background or the people from the working sector, a pen is something which is equally important to every person which makes it a really great idea to giveaway the customized pens. Each moment your logo imprinted pen would be picked up by any person, the brand name on it will surely be noticed before writing anything. Even the people who are around will give the pen a closer look to see the brand logo which is imprinted on it. Just make sure to pick such pens which attractive in their look and best in the quality, only then your brand could fetch the praises that you are expecting.

9. USB Flash Drives: People associated with the tech domain knows the best that how important a USB flash drive is for them, providing them the convenience of sharing and storing the important information carefully. Just with a small USB flash drive, a person could carry a bulk of documents wherever he wants and even share it efficiently from one system to another. For providing your customers with this sort of convenience, you can plan onto giving away the customized USB flash drives. Your brand logo imprinted on these flash drives will be noticed every time this gadget will be plugged in or out. Even if your customers will share these flash drives with their friends and relatives, this promotional products would reach to different hands so more and more people will be noticing your brand name, thus leading to a great brand promotions.

10. Tote Bags: To gain the attention of the customers, you can even step up with a notion of saving the environment by giving away the eco-friendly tote bags. Tote bags are really a useful asset, which people prefer carrying along while shopping. These tote bags have enough surface area which could prominently demonstrate your brand name imprinted on it. Along with this, you can even plan on to imprint some inspirational quotes regarding saving the environment and create a positive image about your brand in the minds of the people.

No wonder, promotional products are bringing exactly those profits which you expect your business to acquire. Customers are the base for any business and acquiring the necessary customer attention towards the brand will be the first step towards acquiring the increase in the sales of the products and services. When planning on giving away the promotional products for the business promotions, make sure you pick the best quality products. These products are the carrier of your brand image and should be of top quality to create a positive impression of the people. Promotional products picked wisely can be effective to win the hearts of your customers, acquiring their needed attention which will help your business to be popular among them.

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.