Keeping customers interested is often harder than getting them interested in the first place. Because of this, customer re-engagement and retention is the biggest goal of every marketer nowadays. Even if the numbers of customers rises, businesses can still experience a downfall because old customers lost interest.

Therefore, your goal as a marketer isn’t only to engage new customers but to re-engage those who did not purchase your products or services in a while. In addition to focusing on how to make a good website to attract customers, aim your strategy toward keeping the past customers interested, too.

Here are some of the most popular ways to reconnect with customers who uninstalled your mobile app or canceled the subscription, etc.

1.    Take Surveys

Many entrepreneurs decide to add a survey to the cancellation page. However, when a customer has decided that your site is no longer worthy of their subscription, they are very unlikely to spend time on your survey.

If you notice that past customers have canceled their subscription or simply lost interest in your products and services, don’t be afraid to ask them for the reason. Even if they don’t return to you for more purchases, this can help you steer your engineering and marketing efforts in the right direction.

When you decide to make a survey, keep it to the point. Don’t forget to thank the customers for their time and make sure to leave a good impression.

2.    Encourage New Customers

Whenever a new customer buys something from you or even cancels an order, thank them for their time. You can even go further and apologize for not being able to fulfill their needs, but always encourage them to become part of your community. In this way, they can enjoy discounts and better prices, as well as updates on the products and the company. If they showed interest once, they remain potential customers of your company.

3.    Focus on Mobile Engagement

Most people do not use the desktop to purchase or search for products and services. If you want to keep your customers onboard, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Plexure gives some excellent tips for mobile engagement of your customers.

4.    Build a Customer Advisory Board

Do you know what CAB is? It is a board of your company where you will invite the new and former customers to share their ideas and knowledge and tell you about your company’s failures and successes.

The CAB is an excellent way to learn what is wrong with your company and improve it to increase sales, but it also provides you with a unique opportunity to make your customers feel appreciated and valued. This should help you get those old customers you lost along the way back, too.

At times, you won’t be able to retrieve a canceled member. But, these people can become your largest source of feedback and improvement ideas, so it is never a bad idea to catch up with them. Use various strategies to get them back – some of them will become your new customers again.


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