Whether you’re a high school student or a graduate looking to further your education, you will have a major decision to make when it’s time to decide which college program you’re going to pursue. There are hundreds of majors, minors, courses, and programs to choose from, including finance, liberal arts, biology, marketing, etc. Depending on the program you pick, you will be presented with a different set of career opportunities and life paths, but some degrees are ultimately more valuable than others.

Here are seven reasons to pursue a degree in Business Administration:

1. It’s a versatile and well-rounded program.

The skills and knowledge you will acquire by pursuing a business degree are extremely versatile and will enable you to keep up with and thrive in today’s ever-changing corporate world. You will be able to apply the information you learn throughout your college career to either advance in your current position at work or venture down an entirely new career path.

In addition to taking core business and business administration classes, students are typically required to also enroll in general elective courses, like English and literature studies, art, or lingual studies like Spanish and French. You also have the opportunity to specialize your degree by selecting a minor that complements your goals and interests, which promotes a more well-rounded educational (and future professional) experience.

2. You can work in a variety of environments and industries.

With this degree under your belt, you can enter a career in essentially any setting, including the government, small businesses, global companies, tech startups, hospitals, and more. According to Maryville University’s website, some positions you can score with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration are marketing coordinator, human resources manager, database administrator, or healthcare manager. Depending on what you want to do and how you want to use your degree, the career opportunities and salary earnings are endless.

3. You want to start and run your own business.

A business administration degree is the perfect program for you if you want a job in management or you want to start your own company. Starting your own business has its own set of challenges and hurdles. However, having a team of knowledgeable, experienced professors alongside you and teaching you valuable information in your classes will help to set you up for a profitable, successful future. You will learn and acquire the fundamental skills to successfully start a business as well as what it takes to manage the finances, employees, sales, and marketing processes that come along with it.

5. It looks great on a resume.

When applying for jobs while you’re still in school or after you graduate, a business degree looks great on a resume. The environment of the candidate pool for job seekers is more competitive now than ever before, so most potential employers require a relevant Bachelor’s degree from prospective employees at the very least. Listing a business admin degree on your resume and discussing your qualifications, the classes you’ve taken, and the skills you’ve acquired throughout your college career will help to increase your odds of scoring and securing the job you want.

6. You’re a people-person or love working in the customer service industry.

Do you generally love people — talking to them, helping them, working with them, or providing a service for them? If so, then this program could be a great fit for your personality. If you’re an extrovert, a people-person, enjoy being around others, or have experience working in the customer service industry (and liked your job), then you may want to consider pursuing a position that enables you to work directly with and for others. Jobs in business typically always involve working with people, either internally within your company or with customers, clients, and partners. If this sounds like fun to you, then you should thrive in any environment you can explore by pursuing a business administration degree.

7. You can pursue the degree online or at a university.

If you have a busy schedule, are a single parent with children, or work a full-time job which requires you to be in the office throughout the week, it may be difficult for you to get to a college campus four times every week for multiple hours each day. Fortunately, you can pursue a degree on your own time and on your own terms thanks to the flexibility and advancement of technology. Business admin programs are achievable either on campus or online through university websites. The curriculums and courseloads are essentially the same — the only difference is that you can take the required classes according to your own schedule and personal needs.

A business administration degree is a great educational path to take for many reasons, some of which include program versatility, class schedule flexibility, opportunities for profitable employment, and improved odds of scoring a role in a management and leadership position. No matter which degree program you ultimately decide to pursue, ensure that it is one that aligns with your future career and life goals.

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