Working in an office forty hours per week may do a decent job at paying the bills, but it is not so great for your physical welfare.  Sitting in an uncomfortable (and even a comfortable) chair, staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day is not very good for several different aspects of your body.

The good news is that all is not lost.  There are plenty of different steps you can take to keep your body healthy while working a sedentary job.  Read through a few tips for staying healthy while working in the office, and augment your behavior now.


Keeping your eyes healthy

Staring at a digital screen all day can do damage to your eyes over time.  Luckily, there are a few things you can do to try to maintain a healthy level of strain on your eyes throughout the work week.  Try these helpful suggestions to keep your eyes healthy in the office.

  • Rest your eyes for five minutes after every hour of work.
  • Every now and again, focus your eyes on something far away.
  • Close your eyes during your break for a couple minutes to rest them.
  • Never forget to blink, as blinking helps maintain your eye’s moisture.


Stand up to allow your blood to flow more freely

Sitting in an office chair for hours at a time is terrible for the body’s blood flow.  Sitting for extended amounts of time can lead to harmful blood clots for some adults.  It is important to move.

Every hour, you should stand up and get your blood moving.  Pace your cubicle if you have to, but get up.  Moving is healthy for more than just blood flow.  Moving will also help keep your heart healthy.


Avoid snacking on sugary things

It is far too easy to sit at your desk throughout the work day and snack on unhealthy, empty calories.  You should know that easy almost never equals healthy.

Try swapping your chips and snack cakes out for fresh broccoli and carrots.  You can still snack throughout the day, just bring healthier snacks to work with you.


Get active on your breaks

Most business centers offer the opportunity for recreation on your lunch break.  It is best that you take the time to get moving.  Shoot some hoops after lunch, or walk a mile on the treadmill to get your heart pumping.


Pack your own lunch to save health and money

Instead of feeding yourself a variety of fast food restaurants throughout the work week, try packing your own lunch.  That does not mean that you pack a microwavable tv dinner.  Pack fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts, along with a good source of protein to keep you going through the day.

By Eddy

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