Dead battery means your car won’t start, the engine will become unresponsive and the headlights will be dim. It can create a real trouble, if your car drops dead in the middle or nowhere or does not start in the morning. Car troubles can wreck your nerves when you are already getting late for the work. There are several reasons why your car’s battery drains and run out of power. Listed below are the top factors that lead to draining of car battery.

  1. Headlights or dome lights left on

Many new vehicles have the feature of automatically shutting off its electrical components as soon as you turn off the engine and shut the door of the vehicle. However, if you fail to close the door or the trunk properly, then it could still leave the cabin lights and headlights on all night long. This generally happens if you are in hurry, exhausted, or too tired to pay attention to minute details. This can completely drain the battery of your car and you will figure out that the car isn’t starting up in the morning. However, there are certain alerts that can prevent you from doing this.

  1. Old/Worn Out Battery –

If your car has a worn out battery then it will consistently show the problem of not starting. A car’s battery has a life span of upto 4 to 5 years. So, if you are facing the problem of frequent battery drainage, then probably it’s the time for replacing it. Older batteries generally do not hold full charge, which means you’ll constantly have problems trying to start your vehicle.

  1. Faulty Charging System

A faulty charging system can drain your car’s battery even while you are driving. Several cars use alternator to charge radio, clock, lights, and other small components. If there’s a charging problem, the battery drainage can go worst. Imagine yourself standing at the roadside due to a stalled car that needs a boost. And, you know what’s worst? The faulty charging will still drain your car’s battery. You would need the assistance of a professional mechanic to diagnose what’s causing a charging problem.

  1. Parasitic Drain/Electrical Problem

Parasitic drain is a situation where you switch off the engine but the vehicle’s electrical components still continue to operate. Sometimes parasitic drain can be normal when your car’s battery produces enough energy to keep the clock, radio presets, and security alarm working all the times. On the other hand, if it’s powering other things like dashboard screen or headlights after the car has been turned off, then there’s an electrical problem that can deplete the battery’s juices.

  1. Faulty alternator diode

So, your car’s battery drains even when it is off? The reason could be a faulty alternator. The role of an alternator is to supply power to a few electrical systems and recharge the battery. If the alternator’s diode corrodes, it will cause the circuit to draw power even when the engine is not running.

Though it’s true that every single battery has its own life, there are certain steps you can take to keep it well maintained and in good working order. If you are facing a problem of your battery going dead over and over again, then there’s a good chance that the ultimate lifespan of the battery is shortened. If you don’t want to get stuck in the traffic or a secluded lane due to the same reason, then buy a comprehensive car insurance policy now. Reliance Car Insurance offers 24*7 Roadside Assistance, which will help you in situations like this.

By Eddy

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