Running a business is hard work. It takes a lot of skill and talent and energy. But just because you are working hard and have all of this drive, inspiration, and motivation – that doesn’t mean that you’ll never get sick. And sickness will have a variety of factors involved.

As the business manager, you are expected to be able to do things that no one else can. And that begs the question – can you run your business while you are simultaneously dealing with some physical condition?

You can approach that question from several different perspectives. For example, after you have major surgery, there will be healing times or various post-operative issues that pop up. Can you work through them on a professional level? The same goes for long-term conditions. If you find out that you have an incurable and debilitating disease, what are your options? And finally, there are short-term issues where you feel terrible – should you come into work at these times as well?

Post Surgery Issues

Many times, after you have surgery, there will be a period of healing. During this period, the consequences of the surgery may crop up, for example, symptoms of further persistent conditions. After some kinds of cancer treatments, some people need to get a vascularized lymph node transfer to help the healing process.

As all of these processes are taking place, do you feel like you are in the right mental and physical territory to continue maintaining your business operations? It might be a matter of attitude as much skill.

Long-Term Conditions

What about long-term conditions? If you know that you have to deal with something like getting dialysis regularly, do you feel like you have the energy and the focus to continue running your business? Do you feel like you’ll be running at an optimum level? If you can’t figure out how to balance illness and appropriate managerial techniques, you’ll have to have a companywide meeting about what to do moving forward.

Bouts With Colds and Influenza

Should you go to work if you have a cold? It may seem like a minor inconvenience to have a headache and a fever. But, the issue is that in this case, you’re probably contagious. Do you want to be spreading your germs to all of your coworkers?
Or, is it smarter to try and figure out how to do remote managing to the best of your ability? As a business owner, you have to put the best practices forward. If you don’t want your other employees coming in and getting everyone sick, then you should probably avoid infecting everyone as well.

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