Quinton Oswald Vero Beach is an entrepreneur of great renown. Hugely active in the big Pharma and biotech industries, he has left his mark through the more than 30 years he spent there. Oswald exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit like few others do. He had a vision and went after it, and that drive and determination has birthed a number of significant developments, including recently being nominated for a medical award.

Quinton has been part of a prominent cloud-based telemedicine company based on artificial intelligence advancements: Notal Vision. He also was Neurotech’s CEO, as well as the CEO of SARcode Bioscience were, most notably, he was a key component of the development of lifitegrast ophthalmic solution for treating dry eyes.

Florida State 2019 Medical Award

Quinton Oswald Vero Beach has recently retired but not before he was nominated for the prestigious Florida state 2019 Medical Award. Truly an influential member of his community, over the more than 30 years in the industry, Quinton made a huge impact on the world-wide medical community. He was key in the development of multiple ophthalmic and pharmaceutical brands. Quinton was nominated for the award because he dedicated his life and career to furthering medical research and improving world health through research, public initiatives, and ingenuity.

Early Career

Quinton was born in South Africa and received his education there. When he joined Brystol Myers, he had entered the pharmaceutical world, one that he would continue in and revolutionize for the duration of his career. He also aided in the merging of Bristol Myers and Squibb to form Bristol Myers Squibb.


Quinton relocated to the United States in 1993 where he landed with Neuropath Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, SARcode Bioscience, and Novartis. What all these places had in common was the effect that Quinton had as he toiled with developments and climbed the corporate ladder with ease. He quickly became the senior Vice President of Novartis and the head of North America’s Ophthalmic Division. He was the CEO at SARcode and helped develop Xiidra and was the Vice President and business unit head for Genentech’s Tissue Growth and Repair project.

The Future of Medicine

Quinton’s career had huge affects around the world, especially in the treatment of dry-eye disease, a condition that plagues millions around the world. Quinton, also is a firm believer in the inevitable evolution of the medical industry, became the CEO of Notal Vision, an internet company whose forward thinking sees the potential behind tele-medicine powered by artificial intelligence. This would not only revolutionize how the medical community cares for its patients, but would also have a huge impact in terms of being able to keep elderly patients at home and independent for longer.

The Power of Networking

Quinton, also a firm believer in the power of networks, applied this personal philosophy to his eye-care work for SARcode. He believed that by working together, SARcode could be at the forefront of establishing a highly qualified team of eye experts to take on the challenge of dry-eye conditions. Thanks to this approach, the delivery of eye care was improved and built upon for the future. SARcode’s group of eye experts were then poised to direct the approach to treating dry-eye conditions around the world.

Quinton Oswald Vero Beach spent over 30 years in the big pharma and Bio-science industries. During that time, he was integral in the development of a treatment for dry-eye disease, led many leading Bio-science companies, was a supporter of the role of AI in modern medicine, and was nominated for the Florida State 2019 Medical Award. Quinton is an entrepreneur with his sights set on the future of medicine.

By Eddy

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