A video is a perfect tool that you can use in B2B marketing. Video marketing is currently at its level best. Almost every business is using video marketing for getting sales and leads.

B2B marketing can be done very efficiently with the use of explainer videos. An explainer video is a video in the animated format that can present your product in front of your audience in the best way. Almost every B2B buyer watch the explainer video before he or she makes a buying decision.

As the transaction between the B2B is straightforward, your video must be like that.

B2B marketers often struggles to create an explainer video that works. It is quite a challenging task to make these videos if you are new to video marketing.

Here, is a complete process of creating a high-quality B2B explainer video that works:

Decide your purpose:

The first step in creating a professional B2B explainer video is deciding your end goal. The most crucial part is understanding the things that you want to accomplish using explainer videos. You may have different goals like generating a sale, build trust, capture leads or increase your brand awareness. So, first, sit and decide your goal. Once your goal is ready, you can start creating the actual explainer video.

Choose the type of explainer video:

There are different types of explainer videos, like a 3D animated, whiteboard, 2D motion graphics, screencast videos, etc.

Considering your target business, you have to choose the suitable type of explainer video.

For B2B companies, whiteboard animations and screencast videos work effectively. You can use the whiteboard animation video for showing the features of your product. Screencast videos work fine for showing the demo of your product and for tutorials.

Screencast explainer videos use the recording or screenshots to show the actual working of your product.

Write a script:

We build things using the blueprint. In the same way, we create a B2B explainer video by using the script.

The success of the B2B explainer video often depends on the quality of the script.

While writing a script, you have to understand your audience. As your audience is a business, use formal language while writing a script.

While writing a script, make sure you include 150 words per minute.

The length of your explainer video also plays a crucial role. If you are making it for B2B marketing, then depending on your requirement, the length of the video may vary.

If you want to show a full demo of your software or product, then, in that case, length does not matter. For displaying the demo, explain in such a way by considering yourself as your customer.

Explainer videos which are used for generating sales are usually of 60 to 90 seconds.

While writing a script, you may go with two approaches: Problem-solution driven and story-telling.

Selling through story-telling does not work great in case of B2B applications. So, we recommend you to write the script with a problem-solution approach.

In this approach, you can adequately present your product and can show how your product solves a real problem faced by a particular business.

Also, ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Why does my business exist?
  • Which problem your product solves?
  • What is your sales pitch?
  • Are you delivering value to your B2B community?

After going through all these questions, it is sure that you will be able to create a script that represents your business.


After creating the script, the process of adding voiceover must start. You can’t neglect the fact that a voiceover can break or make your video!

Hire professional voice overs to get the voice which matches your brand or product.  

Following three things are seen in the excellent voiceover:

  • Higher tone at the important words
  • Pause at the right words
  • Understandable speech rate

Finding the best voiceover artist is a tough job. But you can hire the best talent on sites like Fiverr, Voicebunny and Voices.

Image: wezank

Create a storyboard and add animations:

Now, you can start creating your storyboard.

Add suitable animations to attract your customer. While adding animations, you can consider adding infographics and graphs to catch the attention of the customer.

While creating a storyboard, the video creator must add proper transitions and custom effects. Adding animations inside an explainer video is a tough job and requires time.

A robust B2B explainer video catches the attention of the viewer, and it compels them to watch your complete video. Also, add a call to action at the last of the video. You can add call-to-action texts like “buy now”, “start your fry trial”, “activate discount”, etc.

Such call-to-action text will boost your conversions.

If you are not willing to invest in designers or animators, then, use various online tools for creating explainer videos as well as logo animations.  Some of the recommended tools are Powtoon, Animatron Studio and Animaker.

Add humour:

Most of you might think incorporating humour into a B2B explainer video will not work? But, in reality, it works effectively.

Everyone enjoys humour. So, try to insert some fun into your explainer video. Portray the problem that your product solves humorously. To build a strong connection with your customer, try to win their trust.

Don’t make the mistake of adding humour throughout the entire video.

A working B2B explainer video is inclined more towards showing insights about your product rather than making a big sales pitch. Building trust through simple, informative and engaging videos is an easy job if you understand the need of the other business or your customer.

 Image: designby2s

Always think long-term:

Always follow the long term thinking while making any deal with other businesses through explainer videos. Long term thinking can help you in getting better and more significant results. So, make a video by keeping in mind the long-term approach instead of short-term play.

Influencing the potential customer is very important in B2B marketing. Hence, create your brand by making unique and attention-grabbing explainer videos.

Win with music:

Every human love music. Music can make your video positive and persuasive.

You can add suitable background music to make your videos stand out from others. For finding the right music track, use the tools like Audiojungle, Pond5, etc.

Once your explainer video is ready, then try to market it. In this way, you can create a highly professional B2B explainer video that works.

Creating an explainer video is easy as compared to producing live-action videos. One thing that we would like to discuss is creating quality content rather than the quantity. Well, it is a fact that quality beats quantity.

Also, if you have created two explainer videos for B2B marketing, then, always do split testing. Split testing allows you to find the working video for your business. Another benefit of split testing is it enhances conversions.

Try to give as much value as you can. The results you get after your explainer video marketing campaign are directly proportional to the value that you have delivered.

Final Words

Top-notch B2B explainer videos not only contain product information, but they also have humour.

Such explainer videos are delivered as per the requirement of the customer. In short, create a stunning explainer video to boost your B2B marketing to the next level.

Author Bio – Chehak Wadhwa is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing & Animation. She has produced 500+ Videos with her team including some of the well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar etc.

By Eddy

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