A design can leave a first and long-lasting impression. Thus, you need to give it a professional touch to win your audience’s attention and trust. Notably, this can be achieved through Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software. You will find it almost everywhere, from boardroom presentations to classrooms. Besides, it’s part of the MS Office suite tools. It makes it stress-free to create, present and collaborate your ideas in a more dynamic, yet visually compelling way.

Additionally, it’s a market leader and its widespread usage is more than a habit. Although the main competitors like Google Slides and Apple’s Keynote apps have improved to challenge it. Microsoft responded with great updates like Power Point Reader to maintain its leadership. Besides, its popularity is driven by its ease of use. It can be used by almost everyone to create presentations of special events that worthy to remember.

The uses of this app are endless. Even more, it allows users to create and share their presentation with other people. Today, PowerPoint is like a ubiquitous tool that has a lot to offer as a presentation app and there is no sign this will fade anytime soon. Hence, you will be able to create and share your presentations with ease and confidence.

Since PowerPoint is the World’s leading presentation program, it enables you to design like a professional. Also, it allows you to collaborate with your colleagues in real time. Besides, you can save your presentations in SharePoint or OneDrive. Nonetheless, there are some people who don’t have Ms. PowerPoint installed on their systems. Therefore, the question is, can they share and view PowerPoint presentation with non-Microsoft users? The answer is YES.

Today, there’s no need to worry about viewing PowerPoint presentation even if you’re not a Microsoft user. There are many presentation apps and viewers that allows you to view MS PowerPoint Presentations. But, the primary issue with these viewers is that they might alter the orientation and design of the presentation. Although this a major challenge with the viewers, there’s no need to panic since Microsoft has taken this into consideration. They created MS PowerPoint Presentation Viewer.

Microsoft Presentation Viewer

PowerPoint Viewer was a small and free software. It provided users running all versions of Windows full access to viewing files created in MS PowerPoint. Although powerful, you couldn’t use it to edit PowerPoint files. But you could gain full access to viewing, printing and accessing the password-protected presentation.

Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that PowerPoint Viewer is no longer in use. It has been retired.

So, does it mean if you don’t have PowerPoint installed on your computer you can’t view or open PowerPoint presentations? Absolutely not. You can still view the presentation using the following alternatives.

Alternative Ways to View PowerPoint

Fortunately, there’re alternative ways to view PowerPoint presentations. , you can do this through PowerPoint Online. It allows you to not only view but also to create and edit presentations online for free. All you need is to sign up for a Microsoft account in order to access the tool. You can sign in using Outlook, Hotmail, Xbox Live among others.

In addition, you can also use the option of PowerPoint Mobile. It’s a free app PowerPoint reader that is preinstalled in Windows 10. In order to bring it up, you can use Cortana to bring the program up. Additionally, it’s worthy to note that it only allows you to view and not edit the presentation.

Final Thoughts

The easiest way to view PowerPoint presentations is to buy any of the MS Office suites. This, by far, is the cheapest option you can think of. Particularly if your buy your Office suite from SoftwareKeep USA. They offer competitive prices on all software, including MS Office Versions.

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