“E-Cell IIT Bombay is putting together a massive platform which could be the platform to create many  unifcons for the next coming years”Faisal Siddique, President South Asia and India, HTC. E-Summit short for Entrepreneurship Summit is widely known entrepreneurship and business conference across India, organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay. Recognized as  their annual flagship conference, it serves as a great platform for the students to interact with the professionals and vice-versa.

The events conducted in the two day conference will give you the reasons to startup your own venture. E-Summit believes to provide quality experience to the attendees thus they line up best of the best speakers from all over the world. Some prominent names  are : Travis Kalanick (Co-Founder, Uber ), Indra Nooyi (CEO, Pepsico), Bibop Gresta (Chairman, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies), Alan Mamedi (CEO, Truecaller), Neal Cross (CIO, DBS Bank), Patrick Bet-David (Creator,Valuetainment), Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon), Michael Spiegelman (VP, Netflix) and motivational speakers like Pa Joof, John Rampton, John Bates, Jim Beach and others galore the world.  For investors and professionals too E-Summit has a series of Networking event and Conclaves.

Here are the key highlights of the E-Summit’ 19: ‘Paradigm of Disruption’

 Internship & Job Fair

E-Summit hosts an arena for internship and jobs, for students. It is a great opportunity for startups and students both to interact. Students can submit their CVs and resumes on the spot and give interviews for different startups.


E-Summit’19 will be conducting workshop on following 13 topics:

  • AI and IOT
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Android Web Development
  • Augmented Reality
  • Lean Six sigma certification
  • Lean startup methodology
  • Idea Generation
  • Idea Acceleration
  • Webpreneurship
  • Stock Management
  • Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Chat conversation

Hackathon (I-Hack)

E-Summit brings together India’s best coders, developers, designers, innovators, creators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. I-Hack is geared up for those who are passionate about building, designing and innovating. It is a 48 Hr event where the enthusiasts meet, develop and compete in the product prototyping competition. It encourage all kinds of ideas, whether it’s a proof of concept, looks-like-works-like model or a prototype. It runs in two category: Hardware and Software. Total prizes are worth INR 2,50,000.


Conclave is a set of speaker sessions which is targeted towards people who has a great knowledge about particular sector. Startups can showcase their product and a great place to network. Following conclaves are going to happen.

  • Business Conclave
    • HR Conclave
    • Finance Conclave
    • Operations Conclave
    • Data Conclave
    • Marketing Conclave
  • Innovation Conclave

The Ten Minute Millions

The Ten Minute Million,full for TTMM is a platform where you get 10 minutes to impress the pool of investors and win million. With 1 out of every 2 startups winning investors’ praise with their pitches and a prize worth INR 1.6 Million for every successful pitch, the event has received wide acclaim from experts as well as media.  The investor panel consisted of renowned investors like Ravi Gururaj, Ajeet Khurana, Kunal Shah, Sunil Kalra, Aniruddha Malpani, Anupam Mittal and many more. TTMM has garnered a lot of attention from media in its past three editions and has helped many startups reach milestones in their journey. One of the successful startups is Soundrex, who came up with a wearable speaker which will provide an experience of being immersed with thousands of speakers all around you. With control over tens of thousands of speakers, they created sound effects which were impossible using a 2 speaker setup.

For more information and registrations visit ecell.in/esummit


Neal Cross, CIO, DBS Bank “The key skill you need is not being taught in schools today and that is entrepreneurship.”

Sonam Wangchuk, Engineer & Innovator, “Young People should have exposure to as many people with varied initiatives successes failures equally importantly and that’s very good apart from what happens in the classroom”

Shruti Iwanati

Media Manager, E-Cell IIT Bombay

M: 7974082319

E: [email protected]

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