More companies are introducing remote positions, some of them are even fully remote companies. While remote work has many benefits both for employees and employers, it can be a tough job to manage a team that is scattered around the world. The benefit surely is having access to a much larger pool of potential workers. However, the downside is tracking that team, communication, and making sure everyone is handling their daily tasks.

Additionally, most people find it very hard to stay focused outside of office environment, and it makes perfect sense. There are too many distractions, even at co-working spaces. So if you’re running a remote team, here’s a list of some apps which are more than helpful for remote team management.


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Slack is a team collaboration platform that can help you maintain proper and regular communication within the team. It is hard when you can’t walk up to a colleague and ask them a question, so you should use Slack to make work talk easier. Within Slack your remote workers can talk to each other privately, or you can create a few rooms where the whole team can discuss ideas.



It’s hard to track who’s doing which task and what’s your progress when your team is located around the world. To make project tracking and to-do lists simpler, use Trello. Trello’s features allow you to create lists, boards and cards which further help you to organize and prioritize your team’s task. It would be great to have a whiteboard with the list of all activities, but since that’s not an option in a remote team, Trello is your best option.



Making sure your remote team members are actually working is one of the hardest tasks. As we said in the beginning, it is hard to stay concentrated among all those distractions. It’s why you should use Workpuls, an employee monitoring software perfect for managing remote teams. It helps you track time, app and website activity, as well as takes screenshots (so you’ll always have proof of work). What is more, this tool can also calculate payrolls automatically and it has a lovely analytics dashboard where you can compare activity from all your remote workers.

Google Drive


You’ve surely worked on Google Drive before. It has everything an online sharing platform should have. You can easily upload files to the platform and edit them with the rest of your team. It has many features which allow you to control file access, as well as permissions within the file. Your remote team members can collaborate on each projects and give their contribution. The platform itself serves as a cloud, but you can also create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and much more within it.

In Conclusion

This is just a brief list of tools you can use for remote team management. We do recommend you find a perfect tracking system before going around looking for other tools. It will save you a lot of energy, time and money.

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