If you are learning about PPC, then you would not think a lot about web design. Your focus would most likely be on certain things like ad groups or ad messaging along with conversion tracking. It is normal that most people would not understand the connection between web designs and PPC performances. But there is a strong connection between the two actually.

Your website’s looks and its performance are both important. After the users visit your website, they will need to like the experience of visiting your page, and if they do not like it, then your PPC campaigns would not work. In this article, you will understand how PPC and web design are interconnected and can impact each other.

  1. The responsiveness of your website:

Mobile phones have taken over the world. Today most people do several daily activities like shopping through their mobile phones and tablets. The number of people who do these via laptops and desktops can vary, but most business ventures have more visitors from mobile phones. Earlier on, business owners tried to focus on having mobile-friendly business websites, but this has changed now. These days, the users will want to get a responsive business website. In a responsive website, the content will have to be dynamic. The images and the contents must be able to reposition themselves in the page while depending upon the screen sizes in which they get viewed. This will ensure that they are easy to both view and to navigate. If the business website is not responsive, then the usability of it will be suffering. If the usability becomes poor, then the users would become frustrated and would prefer to go somewhere else. This will result in a thorough wastage of your ad campaigns.  

2. The speed of your page

The speed with which your web pages load is also another crucial factor that relates to the web design of your business website and can impact your PPC campaigns.  A lot of studies have revealed that page speed can impact the purchasing decision of the customers. Over fifty-five percent of all visitors will leave your business website when they find that they are required to wait over three seconds for the page to load. Thus even if your website has a stunning appearance then also it can suffer in its performance if it does not load quickly. The page speed will be something that needs assessing during the web designing process and also during any campaigns concerning paid searches. There would be certain reasons for this. Although business websites are generally made by professional developers, there would be no guarantee regarding the load speeds of the pages. PPC is intricately connected with web design and mobile speed of the pages. You can consider optimizing the size of your images to improve the load speed.  

3. Check for technical errors

Technical errors are something that is commonly associated with a lot of business websites. It can be so that your business website can work perfectly in your office or when your staff uses it. But there can be issues when the site is accessed from different browsers. Your potential customers can face multiple problems when they try to access your website from their browsers on their devices, and this is a result of different technical errors. Thus in the event that any visitors to your business website makes any complaint regarding your website then you will need to note it and check if some elements of your website are not working. Also, you must not assume that the problem is solved if certain elements work properly in your office. You must try to check and recreate the errors and address the root of the problem. This will help you find out any other issues that might be associated with the problem.

4. The designing aesthetics

Asides from the different technical elements involved in web designing, you must also take care of your aesthetics. Aesthetics does not refer to just the font sizes or background colors here. In this respect, aesthetics will refer to the total impression that your business website generates. You must ensure that your website looks professional and not amateurish. This will determine how trustworthy and credible your business is to the visitor, especially if the customer is visiting your website for the first time. You will want this interaction to be a good one and hence ensure that your website looks good. This will hamper the PPC efforts that you are trying to make.  

5. Any conflicting issues

When your business is starting to grow and develop more, it will be normal for you to add a number of new pages with new contents and new functions. But after some time, it may so happen that you can lose the focus on the main objective of your website. You will need to re-evaluate your goals, that is:

  • Get visitors to buy your products?
  • Get targeted visitors to make calls, emails, and fill out contact forms?
  • Send them all to the other resources present in your site?
  • Subscribe to your business newsletters?

It is important to be careful about the objectives that you have. Otherwise, you will start to lose focus on the basics, and your business can suffer as a result of this. This can also undermine the PPC campaign.

6. Your internal logic and structures

You must ensure that there is a consistency in the logic and the structure of your business website. Along with the technical errors, you will need to ensure that your business website is perfectly organized.

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Web design and PPC are interconnected in the sense that one can affect the other. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

By Eddy

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