Every business needs an identity to build close relationships with consumers, which is why building a brand for your business is so important. The brand becomes the face of business through which consumers come to know more about the business and gradually develops trust and relationship that keep them drawn to the brand. Introducing the brand to consumers and familiarizing them about its various facets constitutes the process of brand building that leads to the creation of brand equity for which you must seek professional guidance from some branding agency.

Gaining high visibility and spreading the brand message far and wide are the fundamental requirements for building brands, and the best way of doing it is by implementing SEO to reach the targeted audience. It all begins by building a splendid website loaded with quality content that creates a compelling attraction and draws the audience to it.  And for building an attractive, user-friendly, and SEO friendly website, you choose WordPress, the most versatile and easy to adapt to CMS, which is the most popular platform for individuals, professionals, and businesses.

Numerous brands have benefited from using WordPress and by knowing about the ways of using the creative options of the CMS that constitute the best practices you can make your brand shine bright in an overcrowded world and build brand equity that provides good business returns. How to make the best use of the WordPress features and functionalities for branding will become clear on going through this article.

Choose a theme

WordPress themes are available in plenty, and you must choose an appropriate theme that defines the looks of the website and how one feels about it. The theme must have some relation to your business identity that helps to build the right expectations of users and creates the initial attraction.  The theme determines the website layout and navigation and accessibility of its features, widgets, etc.  The choice of theme determines how effectively you can use the website in pleasing users as well as search engines.

Choose a theme that is easy to customize by incorporating the brand elements and has enough SEO friendly features to enable launch SEO from the beginning. The theme should also be consistent for performing on mobile devices and support the running of several websites with a similar user interface. It must have strong security features to prevent malware and other attacks. Choose from thousands of WordPress themes, preferably premium themes that are superior to the free ones.

Pick the right plugins

You can incorporate numerous features and functions to WordPress websites by using plugins which are like weapons in your SEO armory. For every purpose, there are thousands of free and paid plugins, including some premium ones. Some free plugins allow upgrading to paid versions that have better capabilities.

To prevent the website from crashing, install a cache plugin, and have an SEO plugin too for enhancing the scope of on-page SEO elements for better SEO performance. To prevent the spread of harmful elements across the comments and user-generated content, you need an anti-spam plugin. Besides, you can choose other plugins to perform some specific actions.

Remember that you must only use plugins of reputed publishers that are well-coded to ensure that there are no security and performance issues. And never use too many plugins but only those necessary because too many plugins can slow down website speed.

Mandatory pages

To uphold the brand and build credibility, you must provide ample information that helps users to discover the brand very closely. Besides using the content on various topics and subjects to engage users, you must also share information about your company or business and the products and services offered. Spread the information across several pages to make an attractive and interesting presentation by creating different sections and pages.

The About Us page should tell about various aspects of the brand, including the brand history in brief that introduces the brand to users. Have a page for blogs where you can upload all content meant for interacting with users with the specific purpose of showcasing your expertise and authority in the niche and keep updating it regularly. Have a product page or portfolio page that introduces the products and services you offer. The Contact Us page should contain the corporate and registered office address with telephone number, e-mail addresses, and other links of your social media profile.

Go high on content

Create lots of good content and use its powers in driving brands by connecting closely with users. Content is still the most powerful weapon for marketers to carry their brands and earn the confidence of the audience that discovers its goodness. From long-form content to informational videos and infographics use a variety of content to reach closest to the audience and strike a chord with them. Use a mix of text, images, videos, and graphics for presenting content more attractively. Structure the content to make it easy to read by dividing it into sections and use sub-headings and bullet points.  To facilitate reading at a glance, use images, enlarged quotations, and small paragraphs. Provide in-depth content with unique information and analysis. Use statistics, ask questions, and make interactive comments to keep users engaged.

Focus on social sharing

For higher brand visibility, take advantage of your brand’s social media presence and spread it farthest through sharing and even going viral with social sharing. Besides allowing social sharing and leaving links of your social media on the Contact Us page, you must have a sound social media strategy in place to complement your SEO efforts in building and nurturing the targeted audience.

Be active on social media with regular posting and commenting, replying, and providing reactions.  For creating relevant conversation, include some social media influencers in your circle, use social media messaging aggressively to stay in touch with customers, both existing and potential and encourage others to share contents and give an opinion regularly.Take up e-mail marketing as it is highly effective in connecting with people and building brand credibility. Create an e-mail list with professional help and integrate the feature of an e-mail subscription to the website to get going.

By Eddy

Eddy is the editorial columnist in Business Fundas, and oversees partner relationships. He posts articles of partners on various topics related to strategy, marketing, supply chain, technology management, social media, e-business, finance, economics and operations management. The articles posted are copyrighted under a Creative Commons unported license 4.0. To contact him, please direct your emails to [email protected].