Vacuum packaging is used for storing, packaging and preserving a variety of products for many commercial and residential applications. As a manufacturer using a vacuum packaging machine can be a smart addition to your production line as it is a cost-effective packaging solution that has many benefits. But before we get into that let us first take a lot at what type of vacuum packaging machines are available and what they can do to help cater to your packaging needs.

Types of Vacuum Packaging Machines

They are various types of vacuum packaging machines that range in both size and price. The type of vacuum packaging machine that would be ideal for your business has to meet projected production levels and conform to your size requirements, especially, when dealing with a multi-product production line.

Some commercial vacuum packaging machines also come with a gas flush option that injects an inert gas into sealed packages to help increase the shelf life of perishable products.

Commercial machines require a bigger investment but can deal with the packaging of over 300 products an hour. These machines can cost between $2500-$4000 to set up. High-end residential vacuum packaging machines are not only less expensive but also take up less space and are better suited for manufacturers that work on lower volumes.

Benefits of Vacuum Packaging

They are several advantages of using vacuum packaging over other more traditional forms of packaging. Vacuum Packaging can help by:

Increasing Product Shelf-Life

By determining the ideal atmosphere for the product to remain fresh vacuum packaging can greatly enhance a product’s shelf-life by 50%-400% depending on the process used and type of product in question.

Decrease Inventory Loss

Increased shelf life means fewer products are likely to go bad leading to a lower inventory loss which in turn helps improve profitability.

Protect From External Elements

A vacuum seal prevents the contents inside the bag from ever coming into contact with outside air that contains many elements that can harm or damage the product.

No Chemicals Required

A chemical-free process that increased shelf-life and protects content from external elements is definitely a win-win situation for any manufacturer as it helps retain the products original taste, flavor or feel without having to alter it in any way.

Clear & Clean Product Display

Vacuum bags are generally transparent and offer a clear view of the product inside the bag. The freshness and look of the product help sell itself and costs manufacturers very little compared to other packaging alternatives.

Versatile Packaging Options

A commercial vacuum packaging machine can offer multiple packaging options including reclosable zippers, tear notches, and foil lined or channeled bags to name but a few.

Efficiency & Productivity

Vacuum packaging is an extremely cost-effective and quick way to preserve and package products in great volume leading to an efficient and seamless packaging process.


If you are struggling to meet your current packaging needs are dealing with perishable products a commercial or high-end vacuum packaging machine may just be the best solution for your production line.

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