The world of business has seen its conventional practices dismantled to what appeared to be an impossible endeavor. Several decades ago, companies made a name for themselves as the go-to stores when it came to supplying different items. Currently, these stores are being given a run for their money. According to Balance Small Business, major retail corporations are shutting their branches due to stiff completion from online companies.

Nevertheless, one institution has been the talk of the town—Amazon. With over 3 billion products, users get to choose a myriad of different products. However, this comes at a cost. During their research, they acknowledged that over seventy percent of all products sold on Amazon were counterfeit. This means in every ten products bought, seven are counterfeit. Additionally, by doing a little research on the Internet, you’ll find that several claims are supporting Amazon’s incompetence.

It wasn’t until Amazon received lawsuit papers from Buyer Beware did they feel the urge to try and control the number of knockoff products in the market. This has opened the lid for most companies to sell their products through their online platform. Those that benefit big from this are online business suppliers. One advantage that beats Amazon to this game is the sale of original products. Dealing directly with a company supplier helps you overcome every hurdle, from shipping, handling, and damage. In some instances, these suppliers pay for the product in case you decide to return it. This is uncommon to Amazon. In fact, when it comes to third-party selling, Amazon advises individuals with complaints to communicate it with the seller. This is a great hurdle since some sellers are notorious for selling counterfeit products. Others try to dropship which is a significant disadvantage to the buyer since the cost will be high to have it shipped to the country of origin.

For online business suppliers, companies know the need for having a competent team handle all your customer services. It is not by sheer luck that these companies are raking in profits; it is through smart approaches. Research carried out by Genesis Global Survey confirmed that businesses lose over 338.5 billion dollars yearly due to bad customer service. Additionally, companies lose over 54 percent of customers due to poor customer services.

By understanding this, companies such as Coastal Business Supplies know how to engage clients when handling customer orders; they get it right the first time. If you are looking for sublimation blanks, transfer paper, transfer vinyl, heat presses or vinyl cutters and more, check out Coastal Business Supply. 

Nonetheless, why is having a competent customer service team important? Well, as mentioned, numbers tell a story. With a satisfied customer, your sales are bound to skyrocket as your clients leave positive reviews. This not only increases your profits but also enlarges your company beyond boundaries. Additionally, it is better to have a loyal customer than having to search for one.

It is not rocket science that selling quality products will guarantee you a loyal fan base. It all trickles down to how well you treat your customer. Beating your competition requires you to do the basics perfectly; get personal with them. For instance, by carrying out a search on most common products in Amazon, you will find that many customers are complaining due to poor services offered by their support team. In some cases, you will see complaints taking as much as two weeks before being addressed. This not only pushes your clients away, but it also tarnishes your brand as one that is non-competent. 

With technological advancements in the business world, competition has narrowed down to the Internet. Only a few individuals will find it sweet visiting a brick and mortar store to search for a product. With this in mind, most companies are focusing on taking the fight to the Internet. Consequently, online business supply companies are winning the war. Why? Well, having a loyal client is a gem that you need to keep away from your competitors, and this is achieved through a smart approach. These online business suppliers are maximizing their profits by engaging their client on every aspect from complaints to what they would want to change.

By Eddy

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