If you have been running your own online craft business for some time, you may already have a good idea of who your target demographic is and what sorts of products draw in consumers. While you may have a successful website and blog, going out in person and marketing your craft business offline can be a great way to drum up interest and increase revenue.

To help you on your journey, here are 5 tips for expanding your online craft business offline.

Business Cards

Creating business cards for your craft business is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing tools that you can use offline, and it can be beneficial in drawing consumers in. Make sure that your business card lets people know who you are, the types of products or services you provide, as well as your website URL. Business cards can be handed out at craft fairs, through letterboxes, and in shop windows to help spread brand awareness. 

Local Markets

Going out in person and selling your craft products at a local market can be a great opportunity to meet customers in person. Doing so will create an intimate and personal customer experience, allowing consumers to find out more about your business. You need to pay for a booth to sell your products, so make sure that you factor in extra costs. 

Arts & Craft Festivals

Arts and craft festivals are great for bringing the creative community together to network, share and appreciate art. Many consumers visit these kinds of festivals with the sole intention of buying something unique and special. Whether you live locally to a festival or need to travel, these are the best in-person events to attract customers. So that people can purchase your products, you will need to have a card reader and card machines with you. You can visit utpgroup who are experts in card machine solutions. UTP offers in-country technical support and is only 1 of 2 retailers that work with giants such as Barclaycard. 

Create a Local Presence 

There are lots of strategies that you can use to build your local presence. Whether you decide to partner with other companies in your area or ensure that your craft business is listed in local directories, spreading awareness of your business with those who live nearby can be a great way to build momentum. You should also issue a media release to your local newspaper for publicity. 

Word of Mouth Marketing

While you may be using the best online marketing tactics, word of mouth campaigns can be highly effective in expanding your craft business. Having regular conversations with your family and friends about your brand will help them fully understand your business and know how to promote it for you.

While there are plenty of online marketplaces which you can use to build traffic to your craft business website, you should never underestimate the importance of offline marketing. All the strategies listed above can be a great way to spread brand awareness in person and give you the opportunity to network with others in your field.

By Eddy

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