Digital marketing refers to the marketing of products and services using a variety of digital technologies like mobile phones, internet, and other digital mediums. However, over the years, things have evolved, and digital marketing too changed.

Keeping with the trends, Forex digital marketing in 2020 has changed a lot and for reasons known to all. The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted everything with its unpredictability, uncertainty along with the speculations of an impending global recession. Forex trading has been hit too in many ways as the market is highly volatile and no one knows what is going to happen next. Today, forex brokers have changed their techniques and strategies of digital marketing to stabilize themselves in such uncertain times.

Forex Brokers understand the need to have a powerful online presence. With several new regulations, imposed on search engines and social networks; forex brokers are now re-evaluating their strategies so that they manage to stay afloat in the highly competitive sector. 

So, what are the various techniques which can be used by forex brokers in 2020 – the year which has rattled the world!

Your Company Blog – Spend Time on It

Almost all forex companies have a blog. Companies are consistently posting online content too, but how useful are they? Forex is not an easy subject, and everyone does not understand it well. 

Therefore, most content creators write about general topics. Though such topics might get you traffic, they are not going to bring in professional traders or loyal followers. Instead of posting randomly – spend time on what you write. It is important to write unique and inventive topics. Your readers should be provided with information which they will not find anywhere else. 

Investing in research is valuable for the forex community. Designing fun visuals and infographics is also helpful. Recording video tutorials and holding webinars is also quite important.

  • Research on the trending topics
  • Check the keywords which are the most popular
  • Optimise the SEO of your website
  • Do not forget to add internal and outbound links.
  • Structure the content well, make it engaging and informative

Social Media Engagement is Important

For any forex broker, social media is extremely important. IQ Option – a reputed broker, with several tradable assets and a variety of asset classes, stresses the importance of social media in connecting with professional traders. With active social media engagement, forex brokers have plenty of opportunities to communicate with the audience and to create brand awareness. With the help of an active online presence, followers have easy access to company news, useful information, and forex information, which helps in building a strong bond. The top social media channels helpful for forex brokers are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram too is becoming quite popular.

A social media manager can be appointed for controlling the feeds, creating content based on study and research, and replying to the questions of followers and communicating with influencers. An active online presence will ensure that your audience feels you are there to listen and communicate with them.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Tricks

SEO is not something new, but in 2020 you might have to put some additional efforts. Check if the webpage is well optimised so that your website ranks higher on different search engines. This will also help you in building a loyal customer base. Select keywords that are more specific which might not be quite popular, but they have a high conversion rate. Check the navigation of the website if it is clear and user-friendly. Besides, each page needs to have a meta-description to be SEO friendly.

Though a lot has changed in the marketing landscape which has made it difficult for the brokers to expand their reach. The different digital marketing strategies suggested above can help in generating high-quality leads in 2020, which is so far a year full of turbulence.

By Eddy

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