You may have heard of Kodi, but many still wonder how they can get fully benefited from it. In this article, we may discuss Kodi, and it’s set up to get comprehensive benefits. Kodi is an open-source media streaming application, which has users across the globe. There are thousands of Kodi add-ons that make the online streaming of content possible through this app.

The latest version of Kodi v.18, which you can use on Fire TV, Stick, Cube, Android TV Box, iPhone & iPad, Xbox One, and also your smartphone on Android, Windows, or iOS.

Kodi setup essentials

Once the Kodi installation is completed, then you can see the primary interface on the home screen, called Skin, where you can do the Kodi setup. Different skins may feature the same style as options for TV shows, Movies, Music, Sports, and more. Choosing a skin may be purely based on your personal preference.

The easiest way to stream through Kodi is by using a good Kodi add-on. You can think of any possible Kodi add-on consisting of your favorite media to view. There are thousands of add-ons to choose from. Once add-ons are installed, you can see various categories under those as Movies, Genres, TV Shows, and more to consider.

To set up the Kodi add-ons:

  • Click on the icon of Kodi settings
  • Choose System
  • Scroll down through the Add-ons menu and choose the Toggle Switch.
  • Turn on the Unknown Sources by clicking yes
  • Go to File manager
  • Click Add Source
  • Choose the <None> option

You can now install the best Kodi add-ons of your choice. Once installed, the add-on will appear on your home screen under the Add-ons tab. You can click on it to start streaming.

Top 4 Netflix VPNs which still work

Netflix is mostly pressing down on the VPNs, and many of the VPNs cannot now access Netflix’s restricted content. Here, we are discussing the top VPNs, which still work for the users to access unlimited Netflix content.

1. NordVPN – This is one of the all-time best free VPN for Netflix for streaming Netflix library consistently. It is swift, unlimited, affordable, and also showcases a vast global network.

2. ExpressVPN – Known as an all-rounder VPN and comes on top of the most reliable VPNs, ExpressVPN can also help you unlock the Netflix content blocks.

3. Surfshark – It is a budget-friendly VPN, which offers a dedicated streaming mode. You can simultaneously connect multiple devices to this VPN, which makes it a solid family choice of VPN.

4. CyberGhost – This VPN has its servers optimized for streaming the Netflix UK, US, FR, DE, and also JP.

Kodi setup of addons

Once you select the Title or Category on an add-on, you can get the source options. Just select the streaming source. In some cases, you will find that there are multiple sources to consider. If you do not see any links for the title you search, there may be some issues with the add-on. You may install a different add-on and try to stream the content until you get a working link. 

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