How do you figure out if it’s time to repaint your home exterior? You need to watch out for a few obvious signs, such as chipping and cracking of paint. However, there could also be some signs you need to observe keenly, even if they appear to be less obvious. 

Exterior wall painting is a highly complicated process. Therefore, it is best if you hire professional painting services in Bangalore to get the desired results. 

How Often to Paint Your House Exterior?

There is no definite timeline for exterior painting because every house is different. You could follow a few guidelines to determine whether it is time to call home painting services in Bangalore

You will often hear experts say that you should repaint home exterior in every 5-10 years, depending on a few factors. Let’s take a brief look at some of these factors. 

Location – 

The needs of your house will differ depending on the place your house is located. Coastal homes are known to endure intense sun, sand, and salty sea air, all of which indicate your house needs to be repainted often. If your home is close to the beach, you might have to call for professional house painters almost every year. 

It won’t be the same in a city like Bangalore. However, the intense sun exposure during the summer months could result in blistering, where paint bubbles start to appear. It can also result in chalking, another phenomenon where the paint’s surface looks faded and powdery. 

For homeowners who live in humid climatic regions with cold winters, exterior wall paint should ideally be done after every 5-7 years.

Quality of Materials – 

When it comes to exterior wall painting, it is essential to use quality tools for the project. The brand of paint used in the previous paint project will also determine how often you need to redo it. 

The exterior wall paint colour you choose plays a critical role when it comes to repainting your house. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are known to cause the degradation of the chemical compounds present in paints, particularly oil-based ones. Therefore, oil-based paint will lose its luster and colour quicker under the sun. It is also true for darker paints. 

Most professional house painters would suggest acrylic latex paints for exterior painting because they are less likely to crack, blister, or harden. Hence, they are definitely a better choice compared to oil-based paints. 

As the quality of the exterior wall paint will contribute to the durability of the paint job, you need to ask your providers of home painting services in Bangalore to apply high-quality paints. It is also ideal to apply two coats of paint for exterior wall painting because it can help in increasing longevity. 

Material of the House – 

The material of your house is an essential variable that determines how often you need to redo your exterior paint. Common materials and their approximate paint longevity are mentioned below – 

  •   Stucco – usually lasts 5-6 years 
  •   Aluminium siding – usually lasts about 5 years 
  •   Wood siding – usually lasts 3-7 years 
  •   Brick – typically lasts 15-20 years with occasional cleaning 

Closing Thoughts 

If you want your exterior paint to last longer, regular maintenance is critical. Every year, take out some time to inspect your home to look for signs of cracking, peeling, and moisture damage in order to address them as soon as possible. 

Professional Home Painters at Your Service! 

If it is time to tend to your walls, hire professional painters for the job. With the best painting services in Bangalore by your side, you will be able to transform the look of your home exterior dramatically. Maintain your peace of mind while experts work on your exterior walls to bring back its original charm.

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