Your brand is doing exceptionally well in the local market and you feel it is time to go global. Therefore, you need a strategy to market your product internationally. International marketing is, in a nutshell, selling your product to customers in more than one country. 

International marketing entails: planning, pricing, and promoting your product to consumers outside your country. Ultimately, whether you are selling locally or internationally, the aim is to make a profit. For this to happen, you must target audiences that need your product or service. 

How to Upgrade Your Global Marketing Strategy

Whether you are selling across the borders already or not, it is important to develop a strategy. You will quickly realize that what works at home may not necessarily work in the neighboring country. 

Challenges in International Marketing

There are a few challenges that you may face in the international market. Some of these challenges include the following:

  • Environmental factors
  • Competition
  • Legal factors
  • Diverse consumer behavior
  • Governmental regulations

It may not be possible to control all these factors to create an agreeable market. Many of these factors are beyond your control. However, you can concentrate on what you can control. 

Marketing experts such as Media Group Worldwide can acclimatize themselves to the existing conditions mod. They can model their marketing functions to fit right in. Here are a few pointers on how to improve your strategy.

International Trade Fairs

International trade fairs give you a glimpse into how other countries are different from yours. They also allow you to gather relevant information on issues such as ecological factors and legalities. They also help you to prepare for the international marketing challenges mentioned above. 

How Your Product Travels

How well will your product travel? Some products do not travel well and may have to be adapted. If yours fall into this category, maybe you should concentrate on the domestic market. 

New Markets

Trade fairs allow you to do some research on new markets without hopping on a plane. You will be able to ask relevant questions regarding factors such as:

  • Customer service
  • Logistics
  • Order fulfillment
Market Opportunities

You must gauge the demand for your product or service in other countries. Assess the competition as well as how established the market is. Also, find out about restrictions and trade barriers, if any. Establish if the time is right to launch your product in the new market. 

Adjust Your Marketing Approach

Once you have established that your product will be well received across the borders, adapt your marketing approach. This is where a good marketing Agency comes in. They have the expertise and experience needed to make a smooth transition from domestic to international marketing. 

To adapt your marketing approach successfully, you will need to consider factors such as:

  • Local customs and values
  • The local currency
  • Language

Also, determine if your pricing and branding are right for the new market. Your marketing will strategy needs to appeal to the local consumer. Hence, you may need to rope in some local partners as well as licensees and distributors. 

Media Marketing Channels

In some countries, social media may be all you need to reach your target audience. However, there are international markets that will only take you seriously if they have seen your product on mainstream media. 


It is possible to break into the international market and make huge profits. However, you must plan meticulously and launch your Product strategically. Write your marketing plan down and ensure that your expectations are achievable.

By Eddy

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