Due to the pandemic, the entire world has come to slow down, with only a few emergency services and transportation services allowed to operate. The cases of COVID-19 in the US have increased since March. Hence, the CDC has issued some guidelines for the transport companies, and they must be followed when shipping vehicles.

If you have no option but to ship your car to a different location during these critical times, you must hire a reputable car shipping company.

There are certain precautions that you must take before letting your car get shipped. The following are some tips that you must put to use to transport your vehicle safely.

Research for Reputable Auto Shipping Company

Ask your friends, peers, or family members if they know about a trustworthy shipping company. The other option is to search online and look for the feedback or reviews of the best auto shipping companies.

Get multiple quotes from different carriers and compare the cost. Choose the one that fits your budget and ask the following questions:

  • What precautions are taken to ship a car?
  • Are the drivers tested regularly?
  • How many people will handle your car?
  • Will you be insured; in case you contract the disease?
  • How often do you sanitize containers or trailers?

Prepare your Car before the Handover

Sanitize your vehicle and leave a set of sanitizing tools in the car. For example, leave a pair of gloves, sanitizing spray, and two or three sterile disposable masks to help the handler load/unload your car safely.

You must also apply transparent polythene covers or plastic covers over your seats, steering wheel, center console, gear shift handle, and rear-view mirrors. This will ensure that your car is well protected from contamination.

Choose the Door-to-door Shipping Service

Many people prefer terminal to terminal car shipping services to avoid paying extra charges. But it is advisable to opt for door-to-door pick-up and drop off facilities. If you move out and drive to the terminal point for dropping off your vehicle, you will be exposed to contamination.

When you opt for a door-to-door pick-up and drop off facility, you will only have to hand over the keys and collect the keys. The pick-up and drop off team come in a PPE kit to pick up or drop the car, reducing the chances of contamination by 85%.

Make the Payment Online

The chances of contracting the virus are high when you touch the surfaces or exchange money during transactions. It is best to go for online payment to eliminate the risk of contraction. Most of the reputable car shipping companies have been asking for online payment upfront in these pandemic times.

It will also help if you avoid every possible chance of getting exposed to contamination. If you wish to make a cash payment, maintain a safe distance of six feet during the payment process.

Keep the cash on the counter and step aside at a safe distance. The cashier will collect the money and drop a receipt for you to collect. After this process, make sure you sanitize your hands thoroughly.

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