Sometimes you come across a dog that lets off such an odor it can be unbearable to be around it. It does not matter how much you cherish your pooch, overpowering smells are overpowering.

It’s important to sort out a bad smell – not just for a more pleasant life but to have a positive effect on your dog’s health.

Getting rid of a pet’s stench should be a top priority so you need the best shampoo for your dog. Here’s where to go and what to look for iPetCompanion – best dog shampoo for smell. There are myriad reasons why dogs can smell bad. Some of theme are health-related and need action to be taken as soon as practicable.

If you regularly wash your dog and the stink lingers, it may be caused by more than the dog rolling in something unpleasant. Here are some key reasons why your beloved pet may be giving off a bad odor and what you can do to stop it

The Causes

If there is an odor like rotting fruit it may be related to some sort of skin disease. There are allergic skin reactions and parasite infestations that can manifest themselves as yeast or bacterial infections. It is this that causes the stink. What you need to do is assess whether it happens around particular seasons. This will determine if it could be related to allergies.

It’s possible to treat some skin conditions with a healthy diet based on meat with regular supplements to correct any system imbalances. Lots of water also assists in decreasing a bad smell as well as the appropriate shampoo.

A lot of dogs with ears that hang down often give off a smell coming from their ears. Again this is strongly linked to allergies. It can be serious because the problem can lead to ear canal cancers. It is common for dogs with particularly floppy ears to give off odor from their ears.

To deal with the smell the dog’s ears may need to be flushed, which can be done at home or the veterinarian’s surgery.

If your pet is prone to flatulence, it could be caused by a mild intolerance of some ingredients you are using to feed with. It could also be connected to a gastrointestinal condition.

Correcting the dog’s diet will either stop the problem or lead to a veterinarian check to identify the cause of the problem.

Whatever it is that is causing your dog to smell bad, there is almost always a solution that can be found with a little effort and some detective work.

One the problem’s root cause has been identified treatment can be anything from regular bathing with appropriate dog shampoo through a diet change to serious surgery if the condition warrants it. Whatever, it is important that you act as early as possible as when it comes to bad smells you can never be sure of what is causing the odor and if you leave it to sort itself, it may become too late.

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