These days, the advance of technology has meant that more and more people are working remotely instead of from a single location. While this presents plenty of advantages in terms of flexible working, it also creates challenges in making employees feel connected. When employees don’t feel like they are an integral part of a wider organization, they are less likely to demonstrate loyalty to your organization, and you also may not get the highest level of work from them. Sometimes, the tools and items that you provide them with can help to bridge the gap. With this in mind, here are a few items to help make outdoor employees feel connected.

Communication Tools 

The most obvious items of technology that you can provide to your staff are communication tools. A smartphone is a common choice, but in some outdoor environments, walkie-talkies are still commonly used. As well as the devices themselves, you should also offer all of the necessary add-ons such as wireless chargers and Bluetooth headphones. If you make some of these branded, this helps to reinforce your brand image. Communication tools have a literal practical purpose of connecting employees, as well as a symbolic one. 

Branded Clothing 

In terms of useful gifts that can be used on a day-to-day basis, items of clothing rank among the best. While you could choose all the standard options such as t-shirts and hoodies, try to select some that are specific to the employee’s job role. For example, if they are regularly working outdoors, try to choose practical items such as gloves, hats, and scarves. Check out some of the merchandise available at You want the clothing to stand the test of time to ensure that it presents the best possible company imagine in your employees’ minds. 

Practical Items

The next category of items includes the things that are practically useful on a regular basis. For example, for those employees working outdoors, a branded umbrella is always going to be appreciated. Also, since technology is so heavily relied upon these days, a portable charger will ensure that they always stay connected. 

Exercise Equipment 

One of the best ways of looking after employee wellbeing is by encouraging them to get more exercise, so why not offer them some branded equipment that can help out with this? At the cheaper end of the scale, you can look at yoga mats, towels, and refillable water bottles. If you are looking at spending a little more, you could look at running shoes, cycling equipment, and even a gym membership. Employees who are at the peak of physical fitness are more likely to have better mental wellbeing too. 

As you can see from the list of possible items above, the items that you provide for your employees are not just little trinkets. Instead, they can be highly practical. Not only this, but they can also help your members of staff feel more connected – both literally and metaphorically in some situations.  

By Eddy

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