What exactly is a flyer? The online version of the Cambridge Dictionary describes it as “a small piece of paper with information on it about a product or event”. Given how unassuming it can look, you might not have realised just how much can be achieved with just that one piece of paper.

Ironically, though, one good reason why flyers are wonderfully versatile is exactly because they can seem increasingly unorthodox in a world now deeply entrenched in hyper-digital marketing. Here are a few more reasons for your company to consider making extensive use of flyers.  

It’s easy to get flyers noticed 

Of course, how easily your company’s flyers attract notice will be affected by how they are designed. However, as Home Business points out, flyers will always be seen, if possibly just for a few minutes, simply because those flyers won’t land in anyone’s spam folder or fall foul of an ad blocker.

Even distributing those flyers is not necessarily too difficult, as they can be placed straight into the hands of their intended recipients, who could easily appreciate such a personal touch. 

You can create flyers in various sizes

Flyers can be printed out in many different forms, though which one you should use for your own marketing campaign can strongly depend on its particular objectives. 

It’s possible to print a flyer on a format as small as A7, which would work especially well for promoting an offer. Meanwhile, A6-sized flyers afford you more space to work with but remain small and light, making them well-suited to direct mail campaigns, says Business Matters

Your flyers can include incentives for the recipients

Naturally, if you are contemplating making flyers for your business marketing drive in the first place, it will be because you want to spur people into doing something beneficial for your business.

Fortunately, with flyers, it’s easy to incentivise the audience – for example, by including discount coupons or voucher codes on the paper, encouraging people to make the sought-after action. 

It’s easy to measure the effect of flyers

Another good reason for you to put those discount coupons and voucher codes on your flyers is that, in doing so, you can tie your offline marketing more firmly to your online efforts. 

As a result, you can also more easily discern whether those flyers are producing the results you seek – or, perhaps more to the point, which of those flyers are producing them. Without this kind of information at hand, you can’t expect to be able to optimise your flyer marketing for effectiveness. 

Flyers are a budget-friendly option for marketers

Quite simply, flyers represent the least expensive form of advertising – making them quick and easy to utilise even if you would like to circulate them across a particularly large area or location. 

You could find that you are able to print flyers in large numbers especially cost-effectively once you have ordered flyer-printing equipment from a company like Duplo International, meaning that you can print in-house without having to instead outsource the task. 

By Eddy

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