Formal and informal training in entrepreneurship

If you’ve always pictured yourself as a successful entrepreneur, once you reach the age where you can actually follow your professional goals, you will need to adopt the right education path. As someone who will be entering the world of business, simply getting a business degree won’t be enough to obtain the promising skills you are targeting.

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Preparing For A Fundraiser: 6 Top Tips

When it comes to fundraising success, most of the important work lies in the planning and preparation. Whether you are organizing a sponsored challenge, a charity bake sale or a black-tie ball for hundreds of attendees, to have any chance of success your fundraiser needs to be managed like a professional project.

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3 Tips For Marketing Your Small, Local Business

If you have a small, local business, you might feel stuck when it comes to your marketing. While you may have heard about big businesses having huge marketing budgets and being able to put a lot of time and effort into advertising for their businesses, this might be something that doesn’t seem like a possibility for you.

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Make No Mistakes Using Hashtags On Instagram To Allow Social Followers Come Freely

Irrespective of the useful features and benefits that Instagram offers to the businesses, it does not allow you to make any mistakes. You cannot take chances on this platform which is highly popular and hope followers will come by no matter howand what you build to post on this platform.

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How to Grow Your Business and Brand with Influencer Marketing

Social media has become prevalent across the world. People of all age groups, whether we talk about teens, adults, and even the elderly, have started using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to their family and friends, learn about the latest trends, get news, or voice their opinions. This is why social media marketing and influencer marketing have become so effective today.

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Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies To Boost Up Business Level To Another Stage

Whether the main aim over here is just to review the Instagram growth of your selected brand and its engagement, or just trying to manage the future content in a rather effective manner, there are some centers able to help you do it all. Presentation ready reports and even intuitive dashboard will help the team to get the speed rightfully deserved on where the social strategy might stand right now.

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Crucial Questions to Help Get the Best DBA Services

When it comes to the support of your mission-critical systems, it is paramount that you work with the most reliable service provider available. Understanding the capabilities of your target firm is one of the key things you ought to do prior to choosing an expert. Considering not all firms are equal in relation to their competence and range of services, it is your duty to qualify individual companies yourself.

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How to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

Some people believe trying to balance one’s personal and professional life is a myth and cannot be achieved. Recent research carried out in the United Kingdom highlighted the effects of not having a work-life balance with 63% of managers reporting stress when employees take time out to work, and 67% of managers say their business suffer when employees work while sick.

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Making Your First Investment Decision

Where to Find Low-Priced Stocks

Low-priced stocks can be found on any regulated stock exchange. Regulated stock exchanges throughout the world number close to 100. In the United States, there are six: Chicago Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Capital Market, NASDAQ Global Market, New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Arca, NYSE Market. You can find low-priced stocks in these exchanges, but you need to go through a stockbroker or have an account with a major stockbroker to trade in these stocks. On the other hand, there are stocks called penny stocks which are traded Over the Counter (OTC), which means they are bought and sold on bulletin boards. The difference in both is in their capitalization.

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Eureka! Asia’s Largest Business Model Competition at IIT Bombay

A simple idea can inspire, motivate and produce change. 
Be the change, make a difference. 
Register at :
Registration deadline – 24th September 

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Useful Tips to Maintain Your Construction Tools Properly

Buying good tools is quite an investment, but if you maintain them properly, they’ll return the favor. You can save time and money by properly cleaning, maintaining, and storing your tools. You can enjoy your DIY projects with quality tools. Whether you own power tools, garden tools, crafting tools, or hand tools, all of them require proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage. This article explains the maintenance of construction tools. Here is a rundown of some valuable tips for proper care and maintenance of your tools.

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