4 Unusual Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Be Using

When it comes to marketing, most organizations prefer to play it safe, and only invest in tried-and-tested ideas. They usually prefer to stick PPC and banner ads, social media campaigns, TV ads, and press releases. Although they work, these tactics get old with time, and can only achieve so much. To get to the next level in marketing, an organization must think outside the box. It must apply quirky and unusual strategies that draw heavily on creativity and technology. Only then can it turn heads and get people talking. Here are a few examples of such tactics.

1) Digital Skywriting

The internet and social media are great marketing tools, but they are not the only ones. Skywriting, which has been around for a while, is just as great, and only costs $2,500 to $5,000. It involves using aircraft to write short messages in the sky for all to see.

With traditional Skywriting, only one plane did the writing. Unfortunately, this limited the length of the writing and, most importantly, the distance from which it could be read. In contrast, modern sky writing companies like AirSign use five aircraft to print messages in a dot matrix style. This is made possible by onboard computers in each craft that regulate smoke output. The messages printed this way are not only long but also visible from a distance of 15-miles.

2) Internet Videos

Experts believe that videos are the future of online marketing, and with good reason. The wide adoption of the smartphone means that more people are watching and uploading videos than ever before.

Business organizations have taken notice and are seeking to take advantage of this new medium. With the help of internet marketing companies like Click Intelligence, they are creating high-quality, engaging, and shareable videos and marketing them effectively online.

3) Flash Mobs

When most people think of flash mobs, they usually think of musical style choreographies. But flash mobs are much more than that and can be used for advertising as well. Flash mobs are so popular that marketing agencies such as Flash Mob America use them to market products on behalf of their clients. People are even using them to make marriage proposals or advocate for social issues. Flash mobs are that effective.

4) Street Art

Brands are partnering with graffiti artists to create urban ad campaigns aimed at the youth. For instance, Bansky, a renowned graffiti artist, created posters for IKEA, which were then plastered in subway stations during the Milan Fashion Week. Needless to say, the campaign was a success and brought the company a lot of publicity. This type of guerilla marketing is unconventional and targets younger demographics. Sometimes, like in the case of IKEA, it is simply a publicity stunt, and it often works.


Marketing does not have to be a repetition of the same boring tactics of yesterday. Internet and social media campaigns, press releases, or commercials may work for a time, but they are not enough to market a product effectively. By using some of the tactics above, not only will you be able to stand from the pack, but you’ll also be able to gain traction for your brand and make a lasting impression with your clients.