International SEO in a Post-Brexit World

Most Britons would agree that the pro-Brexit vote and the signing of Article 50 came as a big shock. Google trends revealed that British citizens went so far as to care more about Brexit than football when the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament was far surpassed by Brexit as a Google search term. As the earth seems to be shifting underfoot and the army makes preparation for emergency distribution of vital supplies when the big breakup becomes fact, people are looking around wondering what to do.

Migrate Before it is Too Late

For international marketers and multilingual website builders, the answer is clear: you just might have to migrate. Your website, that is. One of the details of Brexit is a ruling out of Brussels that UK citizens and businesses not otherwise domiciled in the EU will no longer be able register, renew, or hold .eu domains after Britain leaves the European Union.

Assuming there’s no second referendum, when Bexit takes effect the European Commission will have the power to revoke .eu domains registered in the UK. With 1 of every 12 .eu domains registered in the UK, these developments put about 317,000 domains on the chopping block. Site owners who want to avoid risk of shutdown and get redirects and marketing push set up ought to think about taking steps now.

Find the Upside

The big .eu domain grab that is generating so much buzz among digital marketers is just one example of the types of shake-up that will be coming with Brexit to the realm of online business and marketing in the UK. In a time characterized by massive uncertainty and confusion, one thing is clear: digital marketers will want to fine-tune their sites and make the right SEO moves to promote and maintain brand awareness and keep sales up during the upcoming transition.

As the economic disruptions following directly after the Brexit vote subsided, clear thinkers in the digital marketing field began to opine that the impact might not have to be that bad provided sound online marketing strategies are kept in play. History shows that clever online marketers and SEO strategists can do well in times of economic turmoil and recession. On that note, the benefit of working with an experienced crew of international SEO experts goes without saying. You can lay a sound foundation that will protect your web marketing efforts no matter how shaky things get.

And whether Britain is in or out of the EU, the basic rules of SEO still hold true. Failing to keep abreast of Google’s endless tweaks and updates can have your search results tanking before you know it. Link buying and reliance on low-quality backlink sites are still major Google gaffes, as is keyword stuffing. Along the same lines, there are likely to be changes in keyword competition, with formerly low-valued search terms gaining more utility after Brexit. Again, having a reputable web design company on your side will help you maximize advantage and avoid costly errors.

Go Local

Changes in capital flows and customer bases can work to your advantage. While UK-based marketers may be cut off from some opportunities in Europe, the knife can easily cut both ways as local markets feature less outside competition. Strengthening your local SEO strategy certainly will not hurt anything. Boost the home game to help tide you over until things settle out a bit abroad.

Some pundits predict major economic disaster after Brexit. Banks may expand money supply to support the economy, causing inflation. Or consumers may fall on hard times. Either way, customers will look for savings, which are most easily found while shopping online. This is another scenario that will benefit those positioned well to catch local search conversions.

Survive and Thrive

Customers in the EU are also likely to be feeling some monetary pain. And they are probably not going to change their preferences and buying behaviors just because of a little Brexit between friends. Get busy adapting your digital marketing strategy to new conditions and working to maintain a steady international presence. It could pay off quite handsomely.

Author: Kar

Dr. Kar works in the interface of digital transformation and data science for business management domains. Professionally a professor (IIT, IIM) and an alumni of XLRI, he has extensive experience in teaching, training, consultancy and research in reputed institutes. He is a Regular Contributor of Business Fundas and a blogging addict. Note: The articles authored in this blog are his personal views and does not reflect that of his affiliations.