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Business Fundas has tied up with major online shopping portals through their affiliate marketing program. So for all our email subscribers, you can get an attractive discount by shopping through this portal and visiting renowned websites like Amazon or Flipcart(for Indian subscribers).

So how does this work?

Do you know how affiliate marketing works? This is part of the affiliate marketing program that is designed by many renowned portals like Amazon, EBay and Flipkart. Affiliate marketing is a highly popular emergent marketing practice which rewards an affiliate marketer for each product a customer buys through the referral of that affiliate marketer (in this case Business Fundas). This industry has two core players: the merchant (who is sometimes also known as ‘retailer’ like Amazon, EBay or Tradus), the affiliate marketer (in this case, Business Fundas), and the customer or consumer (YOU). So when you make a purchase (even with a large discount from any of these sites) by visiting it from the links in this page, we get 3% – 8% of the product sales value. So when you do shopping from other websites, the website owners get 3% to 8% of the sales revenue for directing you to the product. So if you have purchased a camera of Rs. 15,000/- (or $500), the owner of the website which has directed you to the portal (say Amazon or EBay) is probably getting 5% of your price paid as sales, or in short, Rs. 750/- (or $25) as the case may be.

However as a goodwill to our subscribers, being predominantly a non-commercial site, on any purchase that is made through the banners and links provided in this page, you will be entitled to a cash back of even up to 75% on the affiliate returns from product purchased, after the purchase is completed and the payment is made by the portals (i.e. Amazon or Tradus) to our accounts. However, after every purchase is made, please email us the transaction details (Item purchased, Sales index number, Transaction number, Total billed amount, and a scanned copy of the bill) at with a copy to We will then track the same and you will get the cash back within 3 days after the payout is made to Business Fundas (which is normally 60 days).

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now…

For Indian subscribers, Buy from Flipkart



For Subscribers from Europe and United States, Buy from AMAZON

Hope you had a great time. Visit us again whenever you need to shop online..

* Please note that minimum billable amount from a single visit to any of these portals has to exceed 10,000 Rs (or $500) to be eligible for the cash back offers. However, even without exceeding this limit, you will be eligible for large discounts, at these websites, while making any purchases.

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