Given the technological advancements of the past decade – in particular the internet – customers now have a staggeringly vast choice in terms of the products and services they consume. Each year, countless new companies emerge on the scene, each trying to undercut the prices of those who’ve come before them. Undeniably, in a buyer’s market, perceived value for money is paramount. But what else marks the distinction between businesses that succeed and businesses that don’t? Without at doubt, customer service or “the buying experience” have a massive part to play as well. Here are some essential areas to focus on.

Customer Knowledge

 It may seem like an obvious one. But actually, in a market that is so quickly changing, with new competitors emerging constantly, customer knowledge is more vital than ever before. Fortunately, the tools for communicating with your customer base are also becoming far more accessible. There are of course the more conventional forms of feedback, such as end-of-sale surveys or the more long term annual survey. But no matter what the nature of your business is, you shouldn’t discount the role that social media can play in customer feedback and accordingly, better customer service. Having a Facebook page for example, where your customer base can leave comments and suggestions, is a great way of establishing what the demand is and how you could best adapt your business in order to meet the needs of your consumer base.

Go The Extra Mile

Each and every business will make claims regarding the greatness of their products and the world-class standard of the customer service they offer. But very few actually live up to the expectations they instill in their customers. True success in this area means not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them in order to make any transactions more convenient for those who effectively keep your business alive. A simple example: Let’s say your payment system goes down at work. Most business would insist that customers pay by cash instead, which might not be convenient for some people. A business that goes the extra mile though, would temporarily rent a portable card machine from somewhere like Card Cutters, to ensure that the customer experience isn’t compromised.

The Key to Success

Competition amongst businesses is perhaps greater than ever before. The key to success in this environment? Great customer service through consumer knowledge and always going the extra mile.

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