Search engine optimization (SEO) is designed so that “searchers” (such as people who are Googling) get best matched with the relevant, highest quality sites out there. Every business and website owner is responsive for their own SEO. There are numerous ways to better your SEO, and with different search engine algorithms constantly changing, it’s important to keep up. Unfortunately, some industries struggle with SEO more than others.

If a law office such as Bohn & Fletcher is trying to reach potential victims of personal injuries, their clients to be might be searching for a wide variety of keywords. Legal jargon is notorious, and law firms need to ensure that every common and reasonable key phrase is included organically on their site in order to boost ratings. Here are some of the biggest SEO mistakes law firms make and how to fix them:

1. Not enough keyword variance

Getting into an accident that involved distracted driving can lead to a plethora of keyword searches from “car crash lawsuit” to “file distracted driving claim.” Law firms need to constantly analyze and assess their keywords to make sure they’re on par with what clients are really searching for. This is a continuous effort that will never be “done” which is a reminder of why having an SEO pro on hand is crucial.

2. Difficult to navigate sites

Sadly, there are a lot of legal websites out there which are just boring. SEO algorithms consider the overall quality of the site including page load speed and how easy it is to navigate to determine rankings. Law firms that don’t abide by basic quality standards are going to get moved down the ranks even if they’re the real best match.

3. Focusing on other things

Few law firms put SEO as a priority even if they’re actively looking for new clients. Take a look at a report by Moz on why SEO is important and many law firm managers will quickly jump on board. It’s tough to prioritize something you don’t understand, and SEO can have a sharp learning curve for newbies.

4. Thinking they don’t need it

While Wisegeek does a great job of breaking down niche law firms, a perceived lack of competition isn’t an excuse to skip SEO. Getting buried in Google searches means firms are missing out on clients, cases and building their reputation. Everyone with a web presence needs SEO.

By Eddy

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